H.G. Fortune reduces prices VST instruments + STS-11 free synth plug-in

H.G. Fortune STS-11

H.G. Fortune has announed a lowered price for a number of its synthesizer instrument plug-ins for Windows.

Former Backlist items STS-33 Pro and Anvilia Pro have been moved to the HGF Classics VSTi! Thus these are available for only 9Euro each.

Even more: AlioNoctis Pro, Arracis Gold Pro, and Swamp XT Pro have been moved to the Backlist at a reduced price.

H.G. Fortune has also released the first version of STS-11 (from February 2005) as freeware. Download it here (PC/VST).

More information: H.G. Fortune

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  • Cheddar Man

    Mediafire, sucks!!!

    They now, hijack your browser over some pointless survey and keep you from disabling java-scripting even if you’ve managed to switch to another open tab.

    Of course, you can un-tick in the advanced box for java sripting in [firefox] disable or replace context menus! This should prevent a site from disabling your browser and keeping you from navigating away from it.

    I’m done with any downloads from that site!!!

  • I use Firefox with NoScript. Downloaded the file just fine. NoScript requires more work (enabling sites you do want to allow scripts to run), but it helps with sites like Mediafire…

  • RunBeerRun

    I don’t think Mediafire does anything except has a box checked for a popup ad, that you can obviously uncheck before downloading.

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