Happy New Year

2009 New Years Fireworks (by Amit (Sydney) @ Flickr

2009 has been a great year for me (becoming a dad) and I hope it was great for you too.

Somehow I managed to get close to 3,000 posts out to you, bringing the latest news in audio software, samples and sound libraries, some reviews, and other random stuff.

I would like the thank you all for supporting rekkerd.org with your useful comments, suggestions, corrections & donations, and just for visiting. I hope you will continue to enjoy rekkerd.org in 2010.

A happy new year to you all, may it be a musical one!


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  • nk:e

    Many congratulations on becoming a dad first and foremost. A big secondary congratulations on still managing to get out 3,000 posts!

    Became a dad myself about 18 months ago. Managing family, work, and interests has been (and is) a learning process.

    Much luck and continued success for 2010 to you.


  • Congratulations on many levels.

    May 2010 be a very merry year to us all.

  • digital lofi

    Ronnie, thanks for the great year of posting.

    Clicking on through to buy ACE as my birthday present.

    See you in the new year.

  • Checking your updates have become a daily habit. Thank you for the effort & support.

  • genieg

    Congratulations on being a father Ronnie good times to follow .. great work on rekkerd all the best for 2010!!

  • Kasper

    Congratulations Ronnie!

    Yes, checking out Rekkerd.org has become (almost) as frequent a habit for me as surfing to kvraudio.
    Thanks for updating this site so frequently. That’s one ‘secret’ of keeping people to come back often.

  • Cheddar Man

    Much thanks for all the great great news, reviews, and special interest section. Your site is usually the first one I visit for the latest musical news; with KVR being the second. I’m glad I discovered your site!

    May “2010” be even greater!

  • rumba_codex

    Thanks for all your hard work, Ronnie! You have really developed and tweaked Rekkerd a lot this last year.

    It’s also great how you’ve managed to keep the presentation & layout so clean & clear – esp. considering the huge volume of info that you have to process. That in itself is a major achievement in the area of communications! :)

    All the best for you and your family for 2010! (including that small but amazingly loud vocalist you now have in your band!)

  • Many thanks for all the kind and encouraging words, much appreciated!

  • Evelon

    Congrats, and thank you for your huge effort. Appreciate it!

    I’m becoming a dad in about ~3-4 weeks. Excited as hell and a bit nervous.

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