Heavens*onEarth releases Husserl Mini


Heavens*onEarth has announced the release of Husserl Mini, a free “Christmas Special” version of the Husserl metasequencer for Reaktor.

Heavens*onEarth Husserl MiniHeavens*onEarth Husserl Mini

As a way of saying thank you! to Heavens*onEarth supporters, we are glad to provide Husserl Mini as a Christmas Special.

Husserl mini has just one simple panel, and five looping sequencers which can modulate each other’s pitch and velocity. It also has custom core-level logic to drive a multidisplay module for the bar display, providing zoom and highlight modes not available in Reaktor table modules.

Husserl Mini is available as a free download for all Husserl subscribers ($79.99 USD).

More information: Heavens*onEarth / Husserl Mini

  • zooky

    The signup doesn’t work. It tells me to enable cookies, but I have all cookies enabled without restriction. I just have it setup to delete cookies when I close the browser. I hate it when these websites waste my time, either thru incompetence or maliciousness.

  • Actually, this one seems to be only free for Husselr subscribers ($79.99, NOT free), so I misunderstood and mistakenly thought it was freeware. Sorry, zooky.
    I will change the post.

  • sorry for the offtopic: but where did the tagcloud go? does nobody need it?
    Just a link to the tagcloud would be enough for me :)
    i thought it would be good if other users would see the comment thats why i didn't choose to contact you directly ronnie

    • Hi Joe.
      The tagcloud did not get used much, but I don't mind putting it back. I will add it to the bottom of the sidebar shortly.

  • HeavensOnEarth

    Thank you for the story, and also for correcting it.

    It was neither incompetence nor maliciousness that was the problem with login. After this news story, the server was attacked by a virus. It took about three days to fix the server and add virus protection. Those providing support against ‘bot’ attacks report that they have increased by 15000% over 2008 levels. It is a big headache.

    Sadly, to cover site maintenance costs we will be needing to increase the cost of a Husserl subscription in 2010.