Homegrown Sounds Ammonite, latest Astralis synth goes beta

Homegrown Sounds Ammonite

Homegrown Sounds has released a beta version of Ammonite, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

I’m pleased to announce the release of Ammonite, the latest Astralis Synth which builds on Bion but with a lot more power and functionality. Firstly, the TerraNova effects engine has been included which gives the synth a unique, diverse and powerful effects section.

Ammonite features (in comparion with Bion and Orgone)

  • Modulation Matrix – Now has 7 destinations.
  • Terranova FX Engine – Has up to 5 effects at once, 3 General purpose Modulators which can be many effects such as Flanger, Phasers, Pitch Shift, Filters, Mod Delays, Chorus, FM etc… Also includes SoundScaper, Stero Delay, Compressor, Drive with 4 modes, Graphic EQ, HIgh/Low Excfiters, Low Cut, Hi Cut and drag and drop Routing.
  • A second LFO – Has two dedicated Destinations, used outside of the Modulation Matrix.
  • Vibrato – With adjustable time and level, with a selectable source controller.
  • Modulation Destination Quantizers – Allow each Modulation Matrix destination to quantize the signal to a defined amount, for glissando type effects.
  • Global Pitch Shifter – Uses delay Pitch Shifting, can be set to Pre or Post FX.
  • Two Envelopes dedicated to the Filters – With Level Control.
  • 24 Note Polyphony – Max Polyphony is expanded to 24 notes (48 counting both synths). Custom Polyphony can be set to a lower amount using the Polyphony setting.
  • Analog Mode – Four modes, each more extreme which apply distortion and random tuning to the sound, creating a warmer more analog sound.
  • Low/Hi Frequency Exciters – Applies harmonic distortion to add Bass content or higher definition.
  • Gate Sequencer 2 retriggers Modulators – Resets the Modulator LFOs for some interesting effects.
  • Voice Reducer – Allows the total volume to be decreased with each note press to help balance the sound.
  • 2 x XY Controllers – Can be assigned to a number of parameters, useful for recording automation.
  • Built with SE 1.1 – Faster Graphics speed, Dual Core bug fixed,
  • Keyboard Velocity Scales – 4 Different input characteristics to change the feel of the external keyboard controller.
  • Bigger Envelope boxes – Makes grabbing much easier, especially with the release section.
  • Better use of Display Area – The panel size is now larger resulting in a more logical layout and less pages.
  • Master ON/OFFs for all sections – This is always visible at the right hand size for quickly enabling/disabling the main components.
  • Flexibility – The oscillator and Modulators are designed so that it will be easy to add new modes in the future.

Ammonite will be free for Bion and Astralis Pack users. A beta version is currently available to download for registered users.

More information: Homegrown Sounds

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  • Create some patches for this and get a free copy:

    It is still a beta, but is fully functional and can be used safely in projects. It only has 32 presets at the moment, once the presets are complete it will be officially released. I’m offering it at a pre-release price of just $30 up until official release. You can get it for free in return for a bank of 64 decent presets for anyone up for the challenge! You can build these using the demo version which is identical apart from no Microtuner, it mutes the sound after 30 minutes of use, and expires after 30 days.


  • Cheddar Man

    I can’t download it! I registered, but nothing happens when I go to check out.

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