Hosted plug-ins hosts several plug-ins which are conveniently listed below. If you are a developer and you need a place for your plug-ins don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Donations are much appreciated.

Developer Description
DSK various instruments (Brass, Strings, etc.)
DtBlkFx a Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) effect plug-in
Float Crush new type of bitcrusher effect
FoolPlugMini instrument with sound of blowing on bottles
Fretted Synth various instrument and effect plug-ins
GenMce generic Midi controller to Mackie control emulator
Liquidclear VST effect and instrument plug-ins for Windows.
Little critters instrument with sounds of bugs
Lost Technology transforms sounds by taking them apart and then putting them together in a different way
Makunouchi Bento various instruments and effects
Matthew Lindsay NCL EQ & NCL Phase EQ, and NCL Basic Soft Clipper effect plug-ins for PC
Nix Plugs various VST effects and instruments made with Flowstone
O’Malley Sound various vst instruments
Osiris Cymbiant a freeware 8 voice polyphonic analog emulation
ROM-500 and Unify SF2 player and hardknee compressor
Ronald Passion bass and guitar preamp (no cab), and equalizer effects
Sweetboy collection of effect plug-ins
Terry West various vst effects
Thaw phase vocoder effect for static and drone sounds
Wiz ARPocalypse 8 step rhythmic pattern generator VST effect

The plug-ins below are listed by latest update, so most recently added plug-ins are at the top.

Nix plugins

by Nick Johnstone | last update: 11 oct 2013
Phonics Shifter

Nick (aka Phonics/nix808) has created several freeware plug-ins with Flowstone.

  • 4 Kicks, bass drum synthesizer.
  • freQ, Q8 parametric EQ with phase and fft display.
  • Mono2Stereo, utility to route channels.
  • Sync, recorder VSTfx.
  • Wave Mechanic, multi-effect with full-featured filter section.
  • Tripper, auto-filter.
  • Dream Sequence, MIDI sequencer.

All of these plug-ins can be downloaded from the Nix plugins page.


Liquidclear VST Plug-ins

by Liquidclear | last update: 22 feb 2011
Liquidclear Transilient VST

Liquidclear has released a number of VST effect and instrument plug-ins for Windows.

Since the original website is no longer available you can now download Tremoloid, Rectiplyer, Klapp One, Transilient, and Flux Interrupter from

More information at Liquidclear VST Plug-ins


NCL EQ / NCL Phase EQ / NCL Basic Soft Clipper

by Matthew Lindsay | last update: 21 sep 2010
Matthew Lindsay NCL EQ

NCL EQ is a freeware 10 band parametric equalizer VST plug-in for Windows PC.

It was designed to be clean, precise and to minimise digital artifacts such as frequency warping. Uses include mixing, tracking, and mastering.

NCL Phase EQ is a high quality six band stereo equalizer which allows simultaneous left/right and mid/side processing.

Phase EQ has been designed to be both powerful and flexible yet easy to use. Controls and parameters have been set up to steer users in the right direction without being restrictive in function.

NCL Basic Soft Clipper is a free soft clipper effect plug-in with Brickwall Limiter and HQ (oversampling).

More information and download links: NCL EQ / NCL Phase EQ / NCL Basic Soft Clipper


Fretted Synth

by Joseph DeHelian | last update: 15 jul 2010
Fretted Synth

Fretted Synth Audio has released numerous free plug-ins in the last several years. Guitar amp sims, virtual synthesizers, audio triggered plug-ins, sample players, and lots more.

Since Joseph currently doesn’t have a website to host his work you can now download his plug-ins from

More information at Fretted Synth


Lost Technology

by Johan Sarge | last update: 26 apr 2010
Lost Technology

Lost Technology is a free VST plug-in that transforms sounds by taking them apart and then putting them together in a different way.

The Analyzer components split the input signals into amplitude, frequency and waveform (harmonic content) sub-signals. The Modulator components combine sub-signals (and audio signals) in various ways. The Synthesizer components merge one sub-signal of each type into a new audio signal.

More information at Lost Technology



by DSK | last update: 17 aug 2009
DSK mini DrumZ 2

DSK has released several freeware instruments created with SynthEdit and SynthMaker, including various romplers (Synthopia 2, ElectriK GuitarZ, Virtuoso, Brass, Strings, DrumZ Series plug-ins, Asian DreamZ, etc.) and synths (Darkness Theory, OranZe, SixSenZe, etc.)

For more information and links to download these and more DSK plug-ins visit this page.



by Wiz | last update: 14 may 2009

ARPocalypse is an 8 step rhythmic pattern generator VST effect for Windows PC.

Simply put it takes chords of up to six notes and plays them in a predefined sequence in sync with your sequencer.

Check here for more info and a link to download ARPocalypse.


Ronald Passion effect plug-ins

by Ronald Passion | last update: 16 mar 2009
Ronald Passion White Magnum

Ronald is offering various freeware VST effect plug-ins.

  • Crunch Passion, a dual guitar preamp (Clean & Crunch)
  • Slap Passion, a tube bass preamp.
  • Equalizer Passion, a virtual analog equalizer effect.
  • Digital Parametric Equalizer, a digital equalizer effect.
  • Blue Channel, a digital tube channel plug-in.
  • Massive Passive EQ, a mastering equalizer.
  • Master EQ, a tube equalizer for mastering.
  • Bad Vox, a tube equalizer effect for vocals.
  • Silver Magnum & White Magnum, two analog valve custom parametric equalizer effects.

More info and download links here.


Osiris Cymbiant

by Osiris | last update: 19 aug 2008
Osiris Cymbiant 2.0

Cymbiant is a wonderful 8 voice polyphonic analog emulation by Osiris (James Jones).

This synth features 2 Morphable Oscillators, and is capable of fat SuperSaw sounds. More info here.



by Darrell Barrell | last update: 14 apr 2008
Darrell Barrell DtBlkFx v1.1 (Windows)

DtBlkFx is a Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) based multi effect plug-in.


Terry West

by Terry West | last update: 23 sep 2008
Terry West Gold Pro v1.4

Terry West has released some freeware VST effect plugins. (Downloads include mono and stereo versions)

Update: Terry now has a website up with all his plug-ins, so check that for to be sure to have the latest versions. I will try to mirror them here.

For more information about Terry West plug-ins you can check these posts.


O’Malley Sound

by O’Malley | last update: 30 jul 2007
O'Malley Dragonfly v1.0

O’Malley Sound released 5 VSTi plugins a few years ago: 2 subtractive, 1 FM, 1 SF2 player, and 1 helicopter synth.

More info and links to download the O’Malley Sound plugins here.



by Kip Chatterson | last update: 25 feb 2008
Kip Chatterson GenMce v1.63

Kip Chatterson has created a generic midi controller to Mackie control emulator.
Let your midi controller act like a Mackie Control Universal for near mouse free surface control of your DAW software.

Note: GenMce now has a dedicated website here.


Float Crush

by CamSR/ArkeCode | last update: 29 jun 2007
CamSR/ArkeCode Float Crush

Float Crush is a new type of bitcrusher exploiting the nature of the floating point unit.

It offers something the regular bitcrusher can’t; a dual flavor distortion.


ROM-500 and Unify

by Marcus Clef | last update: 24 apr 2007
Marcus Clef ROM-500

Marcus Clef released 2 plug-ins in august 2006. The original download locations are not available anymore, so you can now get them from

  • ROM-500 is a SF2 player that uses MIDI files to play custom loops.
  • Unify is a hardknee compressor including a 6 bands post-compression coloration tool which acts like an EQ but on fixed frequencies with limited gain range.


Makunouchi Bento plug-ins

by waka x / makunouchi bento | last update: 28 feb 2007
Makunouchi Bento Hiccup v0.9 Beta

These (and more) Makunouchi Bento plug-ins are also available from their website, so check that place as well.

  • Makunouchi Bento Hiccup (last update 28 feb 2007) provides simple smooth humanized stutter / audio retriggering.
  • Makunouchi Bento Organg (last update 05 oct 2006) is an electronic (transistor) organ that sounds a bit “broken”.
  • Rorgang (last update 10 oct 2006) is basically like Organg, but with the addition of resonant filters to achieve more tones.
  • Makunouchi Bento plug-in pack (last update: 08 sep 2006) is a collection of FSU effects including statiq, Mouse Family, Limun Shaper, radio Gloria and eLEKT.


Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal

by Grymmjack | last update: 13 dec 2006
Oatmeal skin by Grymmjack

Grymmjack created a wonderful skin for Fuzzpilz’ Oatmeal. Originally starting out in a “Maple and Brown-Sugar” color scheme, there are now a whole bunch of skins available.
If you still want other colors you can download the Photoshop source files and create your own skin!

The skins and source files can be found here.


Thaw VST v0.1

by Cormac Daly | last update: 29 oct 2006
Thaw (in Cubase)

Thaw is a VST plug-in for the creation and manipulation of static and drone sounds using the phase vocoder.

Thaw was created as part of a Masters in Music Technology academic project.


Sweetboy VST

by sweetboy | last update: 2004/2005
Sweetboy SH-1 Delay

Sweetboy’s VST plug-ins are available in a total of 6 downloads:

  • SH-1 – Graphic EQ, Delay, LFO Multi, Reverb, PhaseShifter, Chorus (Chorus/Flanger), Filter (Lo-Hi Pass Filter).
  • Glacier (LinEQ020) – Linear Phase EQ.
  • RDR – Refined Digital Resolution (dither).
  • S and S VSTFX Pack – SampleSlider, StereoStretcher, SFilter, SDynamics, SonicChorus, SLFO.
  • T-SLEDGE – Multi-band compressor for mastering.
  • Volcano – Peak limiter and level maximizer.


Little critters (v0.22)

by | last update: 27 sep 2006 Little critters VSTi

Little critters is a VSTi that has eight different sounds of insects, which can be mixed and manipulated.




by IK | last update: 24 aug 2006
IK FoolPlugMini

FoolPlugMini is a VSTi that can resemble the sound of blowing on bottles.





  • aragon

    Thanks Mathew Lindsay for creating such a professional vst and freewaring it for those less fortunate people who make music. Its really helped me find some XTRA BASS in my music. I would donate something to you if i could, but i dont know where.

  • John Aleksic

    I keep trying to download some DSK plug-ins and after it begins, I’m given an authentication box that requires a user name and password. How do I get authorized???

  • @John, perhaps you are using a download manager? Try without, that should work.

  • Hi, I was just wondering if any of the freeware presented on this page is compatible with Mac OS, as an Audio Unit plug-in, or as a VST plug-in for Mac, that can be used with a VST to AU adaptor?

    check out my music, hope u likes

    best regards

    blind coyote

  • Hi Drem, just had a listen to some of your songs. Very nice!

    Unfortunately most plug-ins on this page are Windows only. The only one that is available as a VST for Mac is DtBlkFx. Not sure if that one will be very useful to you though…

  • Puji

    Thanks…this vst/vsti very usefull…Very nice!

  • thanks Ronnie, I’ll have to do without these nice gadgets listed here, except for DtBlkFx that I have installed and is properly working…fortunately, there is a wealth of free plug-ins for Mac OSX out there, just a matter of holding your horses and being selective. All the best, Drem B.

  • DMG studios.

    am having the same trouble of using these free plugins,They keep demanding for a password What am ito do?

  • @DMG studios, are you downloading with a download manager? If so, try downloading without because these don’t always work right I’m afraid.

  • 4D Records

    Thank you for hosting these great plugins – and thanks to the programmers who made them.

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  • Jeremy Steal

    I am looking for very simple effect: the looper with abbility to play “triplets”, but every VST looper on the entire world can loop 1/4, 1/16, 1/32 etc. only. I am looking for this effect for ten years, but it seems it doesn´t exist… :(

  • Josh

    how do oyu install the plug ins to your software? do they work with FL Studio?