Human Touch Technology updates Sika Oriental Scale to v1.6.1

Human Touch Technology SIKA Oriental Scale

Human Touch Technology has released version 1.6.1 of Sika Oriental Scale, a free SoundFont player for Windows and Mac.

Sika is a free sound font player dedicated to oriental and Arabic scales with 9 popular oriental instruments and the ability to play Arabic traditional scales accompanied with beat track (Maksoom style)

Changes in Sika Oriental Scale v1.6.1

  • User banks can now be saved with the song.
  • New panic button (fixes sound problem with some hosts).
  • Fixed AU Validation issues in “Logic pro 8.x”.
  • Works properly with “FL Studio 8”.
  • General improvements.

Sika Oriental Scale is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows and Mac (requires Pluggo runtime).

More information: Human Touch Technology / Sika Oriental Scale

  • Runtwo

    Ronnie, nice job on finding all the new freebies.

    FYI: This one has a broken link….
    …it says file not found.

    Their other freebie download does work.

    BTW, that is the worst website design I’ve seen in a long long time: bad layout, poor flow, bad links, the HTML version is complete broken, poor graphics, etc …. and all pretense no substance.

  • ronnie

    It seems the Sika was updated already, a newer version is available for download here:

  • wahid

    السلام عليكم/ اقدم لكم الشكر الجزيل والتقدير إزاء هذه الخدمات

  • ronnie

    You are very welcome, Wahid.

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