HydroBot Mark I – Using water to create sound


HydroBot Mark I is a robot that investigates the potential of using water to create sound and mechanical control of this classically fundamental element. Amplified metallic plates pick up the mechanical vibrations of sprayed water which is controlled by HydroBot’s spinning disks.

HydroBot Mark IHydroBot Mark I by Michael Ang

Future versions of HydroBot will trawl publicly available data sources related to ocean currents, waves and conditions and realize algorithmically generated compositions in water-produced sound. The often distant ocean will be linked to the space that HydroBot occupies through the sympathetic action of the ocean as measured by mechanical sensors at sea and the induced movement of water under HydroBot’s mechanical control.

HydroBot Mark I was designed and fabricated by Michael Ang in association with the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR) and Eric Singer.

Link via Make:Blog

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