Iconfactory freebies: Mission: Impossible! and Hieroglyphica Vol. 2


Iconfactory has released another free icon set, Mission: Impossible!

Iconfactory icon set: Mission: Impossible!Iconfactory Mission: Impossible! (by Dave Brasgalla)

Obviously this set contains icons related to the popular TV show from the 60’s. The set contains 20 individual icons.

Also, Hieroglyphica Vol. 2 was recently released. It contains 18 individual icons and is based on Egyptian hieroglyphs (duh!).

Iconfactory icon set: Hieroglyphica Vol. 2Iconfactory Hieroglyphica Vol. 2 (by Kate England)

Misson: Impossible! and Hieroglyphica Vol. 2 can be downloaded in Windows, MacOSX and Picadex formats. Check Iconfactory’s freeware page for links to download the various free icon sets.