Iliadis sets Organ instrument plug-ins free

Iliadis has set free its organ instrument plug-ins for Windows.

Iliadis iVF Combo OrganIliadis iVF Combo Organ

Iliadis plug-ins

  • iVF Combo Organ, two manual transistor organ simulation.
  • iBX Organ, tonewheel organ simulation.
  • Euthymia Electronic Organ V2, Hammond clone simulation.
  • VH-1 & VH-2, two great organ simulations.
  • iSPINNER, simple rotary speaker simulation.

The Iliadis plug-ins are available to download as freeware for Windows (VST). Donations are appreciated.

More information: Iliadis

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link is down, any chance of alternate hosting, anyone?

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