Image-Line launches Groove Machine beta

Image-Line has announced the release of a beta version of Groove Machine, a groove box instrument plug-in by Maxx Claster.

Groove Machine is a performance-oriented multichannel (drum)sampler, multitimbral hybrid synthesizer, sequencer and last but not least a ‘Groove Box’ inspired by hardware Groove Boxes. Special attention is paid to live performance via MIDI controllers.

Image-Line Groove MachineImage-Line Groove Machine

Groove Machine features

  • Step sequencer with integrated Note Editor driving 8 sampler tracks, 5 synth tracks and 10 performance oriented effects for every track.
  • Synthesizer features a hybrid additive, FM & RM design.
  • Per step automation with automation graphs.
  • Pre-mapped to general MIDI keys.
  • Stutter, beat repeat effects module.
  • 2 envelopes, 2 LFO’s.
  • Multi-mode filter.

Groove Machine beta is currently available to download as a VST plug-in for Windows for registered Image-Line users.

More information: Image-Line

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  • Robert Halvarsson

    Lookin’ good.

  • Even though it’s really not my kind of thing, I’m pretty excited about giving this a go.

  • Ravasb

    I’m just kind of surprised that the synthesizer section is not for drums or percussion.

    • hybrid additive, FM & RM design; what’s going to stop you from creating percussive sounds?

      • Ravasb

        There are not any percussive presets to demonstrate the potential. Some of the more recent drum/groove machines feature percussive sounds to layer with the samples. This product seems fine, but depending on price, Punch might be better option for me.

  • Mr. Tunes

    looks really cool

  • Nice example of what can be done with a 2 bar loop!

  • Im2cxe4u

    Reminds me of the Korg Electribe line.

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