Image-Line releases alpha of Mac OS X VST plugins

Image-Line has announced the availability of alpha VST versions for Mac of its Sytrus, Maximus and Gross Beat plug-ins.

Image-Line Mac OS X VST (alpha)

Mac OS X VST plugins – We’d like to invite registered customers to Alpha test Sytrus, Maximus and Gross Beat native OS X, 32 Bit, VST plugins.

We’d also like to hear experiences with the OS X 32 Bit AU version of Minihost Modular to bridge these plugins in AU compatible hosts. NOTE: The 64 Bit versions of these plugins will be available later. Thanks for your support.

More information: Image-Line

Producers Choice
  • Alpha 2 is out:
    – UI-code optimized to use less CPU.
    – Preset menus now open much faster.
    – Sytrus: Analyze/Export waveform now works.
    – Sytrus: XY modulation now works.

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