Image-Line releases Drumatrix Public Beta

Image-Line Drumatrix

Image-Line has announced the release of a public beta of Drumatrix, a percussion modeling instrument featuring 10 physically modeled drums that can be routed to independent outputs for external effects processing.

Drumatrix is not based on samples or even commonly used ‘synthesis’ techniques, where oscillators are mixed and the result is ‘electronic’. Drumatrix is a truly ‘modelled’ drum, and not just a single drum, Drumatrix can model bass drums, hi-hats, snares, realistic and yes electronic sounds too. But what about the traditional ‘Achilles’ heel’ of synthesis, cymbals? We have left the best until last, Drumatrix models cymbals & metallic ‘ethnic’ percussion instruments with ease.

At the core of Drumatrix is a model of the drum-head. Here the vibrating membrane is represented in a mesh of inter-connected of points, each given physical properties, mass, inertia, stiffness, damping and all that good physics stuff. For the musician, this means Drumatrix can model the drum-head with multiple parameters such as material, thickness, tension and even shape. More importantly the parameters can be modulated in real-time as a function of velocity or external controls. The drum body is also modelled, in terms of material, size, vibration damping and shape. All this gives you multi-dimensional performance possibilities, a Matrix of variables providing the almost infinite complexity & subtlety of hitting a real drum.

Drumatrix features

  • 10 Physically modelled drum pads.
  • Multi-output for individual effects processing on each pad.
  • Huge range of modelling possibilities covering sounds from cymbals to kettle-drums.
  • Velocity modulation matrix for detailed expressiveness.
  • Integrated Stepsequencer with trigger-key playback.
  • Integrated effects.
  • Single-pad version ‘Drumpad’ available for tight integration with FL Studio Stepsequencer.

The Drumatrix Public Beta is available to download for PC and Mac.

More information: Image-Line / Drumatrix

Cableguys TimeShaper

    OMG! This is horrible. This thing is obviously about modeling a techno 303-808-909 beatbox and trying to improve on that but it doesn’t sound as “good” because you can’t outdo the original at its own game. Like all other physical modeled software, it sound nothing like the instrument they claim they’re modeling and it has that classic washed out thin weak instantly disappointing sound intrinsic to physical modeling that appeals to practically no one.

    Their marketing stuff then asks: “But what about the traditional ‘Achilles’ heel’ of synthesis, cymbals?”

    The cymbals in drumatrix sound like aluminum trash can lids being hit by 2×4 lumber… only not quite as “good” as that.

    The good things about drumatrix is that it has lots of presets and it makes noises that are synth noises not just drum hit noises. The drumkit preset “Amphetamine FG.dmkit” in the “drum and bass” category has a rezo-saw type sound for the 2nd bass note, which I could see transcending a mere drumkit… but who would use it, I don’t know. Other good things are that the GUI layout is very functional, easy to change the midi trigger key, has a builtin sequencer, and you won’t need a manual to operate it.

    Overall, this thing sounds like a cheesy casio keyboard, and I wouldn’t even have bothered trying it out if they didn’t overhype this cheesy software by talking like it was a light weight version of NI Battery. But they did, and as their reward they get laughed at. And as negative an impression as you might get from my comments, believe me, it’s much worse than that. I’m being nice, it really deserves derision of the 4 letter variety.

    I have no idea who would buy this either, as the techno crowd will stick with software that sounds closer to the TB stuff, and everyone else will just become angry the second they hear one note as it sounds nothing like real drums.

  • I actually think Drumatix is really nice. It doesn’t seem to be a x0x emulation at all to me.

    Sure it’s not really acoustic, nor does it do a proper 808 or 909, but the range of sounds it does is is quite impressive. Checking the presets I am finding a large number of interesting sounds I can not get from my d16 x0x boxes. Microtonic sounds better to me for electronic drum sounds, but Drumatix has something to offer on the acoustic-ish side for sure. I’ll surely buy it if they will sell it for the introductory price of 9 EUR Image-Line mentioned. I think it will sell very well.

  • After it (the AU) crashed Logic I spent too much time trying to report it? A public beta without a report address or did I miss it? i even signed up on the forum which after all that told me I could only read the topic (Drumatrix thread), not post (as a member but not product owner).

    Do you have any info Ronnie? Did I miss the obvious…or if IL sees this I do have a crash report for you ;-)

  • Not sure how you could report the problem if you do not have an Image-Line user account.

    The AU (and Mac VST) crashing left and right is widely reported and recognized though so I’m sure a new beta will follow soon.

  • Thanks Ronnie, I guess ‘public’ doesn’t mean me then :)

    I did try in several other Mac hosts and indeed, crashes them all. Oh well, such is the price for the intrepid experimenter ;-)

  • i think drumatrix is L-O-V-E-L-Y! the sound engine is not a clone of anything, it’s original and very versatile. the gui layout is brilliant. the sequencer is bloody awesome. instant <3.

    anyway, does anyone know if the final version will be able to output sequencer data as midi or not?

  • Loopy C, if you’re feeling adventurous, they posted beta 2 which seems to work OK in Logic.

  • DDS

    Looks like they updated it, now called Drumaxx and has 16 pads. I just downloaded it from this thread in LoopTalk

    I disagree with the first poster, this plugin is far from horrible it’s making great sounds here. There’s heaps of cool sounds included in the beta release.


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