Image-Line releases FL Studio 10.5 public beta (incl. Performance Mode)


Image-line has released a beta of FL Studio 10.5 to its registered customers.

Activate record during a performance & it will be saved to the Playlist

Changes in FL Studio 10.5 (beta)

  • Performance Mode – Trigger Clips using your mouse, touch screen, typing keyboard or MIDI controller.
  • New controllers supported – APC20/40, Launchpad, Block, MASCHINE / MASCHINE MIKRO, padKONTROL
  • Unique controller MIDI input port – Controllers can now be assigned unique input & output ports for feedback.
  • Linking includes MIDI input port – Links now use MIDI input ports to avoid conflict between controllers
  • New Content Library – The content library has received a complete overhaul based on user input.
  • Options > Project general settings > Play truncated notes in clips – Restores notes overlapping slice points in Pattern Clips.
  • Horizontal/Vertical movement locking – Shift (horizontal lock) & Ctrl (vertical lock) when moving items.
  • Piano roll click & hold functions – Glue notes, Mouse wheel velocity change, Mouse wheel tool select.
  • Piano roll – Brush tool: Monophonic step mode (hold shift for old behavior). Chop chords: Strum & Articulate tools.
  • Improved Tap Tempo & Fine control – Updated algorithm + nudge control for Performance Mode.
  • Instrument Channels – Ctrl+mouse wheel on Channel button to change the mixer track.
  • Stay open sub-menus – Right click to check several menu items without closing them.
  • Plugin Picker – Start typing plugin names to highlight entries.
  • Right-click data enter – Most controls now allow a Right-click option to type in values.

The beta is now available to registered FL Studio users. FL Studio is available to purchase in various editions, with prices ranging from $49 to $299 USD.

More information: FL Studio

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  • oh FL Studio, how much I love you!

  • Shazam

    I also like FL Studio, Ronnie, but actually, I think it needs a change. I really don’t know how that should be made, but I think FL Studio is a DAW full of things «not needed»; it needs to be simplified, lighter, and easier to deal with.

    I think FL Studio is a little bit like Windows OS: they change the design; put new stuff; but they can’t change a lot since the backbone of the product is something which comes from the past until nowadays, and users got used to. The company may fear that a complete overhaul may turn away the old school users.

    In my opinion, if I was a «DAW maker / developer», I would simply create a software which allow people to record; sequence; and mix its music on a basic level, creating then, the lightest DAW possible. For other stuff, users would make use of the VSTs world, complementing the DAW.

    The problem is that every DAW developer wants to make a software which has it all. Even the «first screen» of FL Studio, is full of «information» not needed: recorded, rendered, scores, soundfonts, speech, etc., etc.

    I would love to see the death of FL Studio and see a new product rise from the ashes.

    • I see what you’re saying, but can’t really relate. Could you specify some of the things you deem “not needed”?

      • Cheddar-Man

        I think a number of people that try FL Studio simply don’t understand the workflow of the product. I know I didn’t in the beginning. That’s probably 1 of the main issues 4 some-because FL doesn’t really have a set linear way to work since there are a number of ways to program beats based on your preference.

        Quantization could be more straight-forward. Also the mixer could be better.

        • Norbert

          that’s right….FLstudio is designed for smart peoples…

    • They have that – it’s called Audacity. The problem is, sooner or later you need to do routing, or work in grid mode, or piano scroll mode, or whatever – and if the little tool that’s useless 99% of the time isn’t there that 1% of the time, you go looking for another DAW that isn’t as restricted.

      • I see Audacity mentioned quite often as an alternative, but I honestly don’t see why. Isn’t Audacity an audio recording and post-processing editor? I would compare Audacity to Image-Line’s Edison, rather than FL Studio.

  • There are other DAWs that “allow people to record; sequence; and mix its music on a basic level” (EnergyXT). FL Studio is unique, and I hope that it continue to be unique in the future.

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