Image-Line releases FL Studio 8.5 public beta

Image-Line Autogun

Image-Line has released version 8.5 public beta of FL Studio, a digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows PC (or Intel Mac/ Bootcamp).

New in FL Studio 8.5 public beta

  • Ogun: synthesizer specialized in metallic timbres.
  • Gross Beat: beat rearranger effect.
  • Autogun: synthesizer based on Ogun.
  • Lots more (200+ updates/fixes/additions), check here for details.

While Ogun and Gross Beat were already available, the Ogun based Autogun is a new synth.

Enter an amazing and unexplored sonic universe, armed only with Autogun, search 4294967296 (Four Billion Two Hundred Ninety Four Million Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Six) presets for their acoustic potential.

The public beta is now available for all FL Studio Producer Edition users (check your Image-Line profile for a download link).

Visit Image-Line for more information.

Note: If you’ve been thinking about getting FL Studio, now might be a great time to get it and check those new features. You can get the Producer Edition with 10% discount by using my promo link (valid for any order of $90 or more).

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • 45h3n

    I’m new to computer music and I’m looking for recording/composition software. Could someone answer a couple questions for me? Is FL Studio only for loop music or can it be used for normal stuff too? Would some other software be better for non-loop composition? Maybe something towards the cheaper side, but not crippleware. I’m a bit low on funds.

    Thanks for any answers.

  • Hi 45h3n,
    FL Studio isn’t just for loops. A lot of people seem to only use it for that because it’s easy and unfortunately that may contribute to people seeing it as a toy. It is however a complete production software with tons of features.

    If you check my music pages & you’ll find some of my tracks, pretty much all done in FL Studio Producer Edition.

    If money is tight you could also check Reaper, which is only $50 for a non-commercial license, but it’s nothing like FL Studio.

    Feel free to send me an email if you have more questions.

  • Cheddar man

    For even less money… $39 you can purchase Music Creator 4, which is a full featured Daw. It’s actually a slimmed downed version of Sonar 6.

    It still offers plenty of features that a number of users probably would never use. IMO…it has a better work flow than Reaper.

    However, Reaper is skin-able, and has numerous features. You can download a non-crippled evaluation. It’s like $50 for a NON-commercial license. I think it’s $200 for a commercial one??

    You can usually find MC4 at BestBuy, Micro Center, Staples and other similar retailers. My bad if it’s not appropriate to mention businesses.

  • 45h3n

    Thanks Ronnie, reaper is exactly what I was looking for. It’s full featured, cheap and doesn’t take up a whole DVD for installation. I took a while and checked out many different programs and reaper really stands out from the rest by a mile. I downloaded some of their demo projects and seeing how they did things, I used the same techniques and have already recorded my own song using Reaper after using it for only a few hours.

    Music Creator 4, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of crippleware I hate. It’s so simpleminded that I feel insulted to get it recommended to me. You must think I’m a moron. Even the top of the line from cakewalk, Sonar, is not very attractive. It’s very expensive, looks like megabloatware, and most of the included synths are not full but crippleware versions. Who needs to buy synths anyway, I’m quite confident that I can find all the freeware synths I need right here on I’ve already downloaded about 20 to 30 synths and other VSTs and I’m trying each one out in Reaper now.

  • Cheddar man

    Glad you found something that works for you youngster! I don’t think you’re a moron but you certainly act like one when you choose to make needless “attack responses” because someone tried to recommend an affordable program to you.

    FACT: You stated you’re NEW to computer music. 2nd: You stated you were low on funds. I recommended something to you based on this criteria. Do your research before commenting, which will void you of making ignorant outburst, because you’re a “newb” that’s assuming things.

    MC4 is the same exact sound engine as Sonar 6, with some minor limits that’s only relevant if you’re trying to do mega size projects that PRO’s would likely being doing in a major studio. Or, you’re trying to record more than 2 simultaneous audio inputs at the same time.

    Sonar and Cubase are very similar. Some like one over the other. Many people think FL Studio is a toy… mostly because of ignorant conclusions or assumptions. Some people don’t like PRO-TOOLS, even though it’s the industry standard. Some people will want to spit in your face for offering FL STUDIO! Some people will think less of you because you have a PC instead of a MAC. Should you be called a moron for having a PC and Windows? I have many DAWS, so I speak from experience not assumptions.

    If you go to CakeWalk’s forum for MC, you’ll find plenty of people that don’t find it all that simple to use like it is for you.

    Don’t ask for public opinions, if you want to be A colossal Ass… because they tried to offer a recommendation you didn’t care for!


  • @45h3n, Cheddar man was just trying to help you man. If this is how you thank people for trying to help you out I don’t think I’ll be looking to answer any of your future questions.

    How hard would it have been to write something like this?

    Thanks for your suggestion Cheddar man. Unfortunately Music Creator 4 is exactly what I’m not looking for. Although I’m new to computer music I want something full featured, cheap and doesn’t take up a whole DVD for installation.

    Reaper, which Ronnie (and you also) suggests seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I took a while and checked out many different programs and Reaper really stands out from the rest by a mile.

    With all the freeware synths I’ve found on I don’t think I will even need to buy any synths.

    Thanks for taking the time to write guys, much appreciated!

  • Kojerk

    Tremendous props to Ronnie. Sometimes people need to be shown how to act, and you broke it down!

  • survei

    woah, they have certainly been hard at work. I have the boxed version, and if they could make the sample layers in the FPC be like the sampler channels (you click on the sample and the sampler settings come up for it), then I might just pay $30 for lifetime updates to get that!

  • go redsox

    Wow! Why does everyone need to be so politically correct and inoffensive? Are you all so delicate and fragile that you can’t even stand the idea that someone might be rude? Are you made of porcelin and so easily chipped and shattered?

    Sure the guy was a little brash, but to attempt to emasculate him in the expression of his feelings, the way religion emasculates, is so sick and twisted that to live life in that manner is nihilism. How can you stand to go thru life putting on the glib happy face of nothingness? Has all your rage been beaten out of you and now you’re continuing the abuse you suffered by trying to extinguish the rage in others. You are pussified beyond belief. It’s like you were raised by a single mom who imbued her feminine traits into your innermost self and killed the man you were meant to be. You are so whipped that you effectively are female. If you pulled that chick move in real life, dressing someone down in that way, you would get your ass handed to you in a puddle of your own blood.

  • @go redsox/45h3n*, I don’t appreciate rude and offensive comments, especially not when people are just trying to be helpful. That’s all.

    * it’s quite easy to spot when you’re posting from the same internet connection…

  • Hi Ronnie, i visit from time to time, but it’s my first comment. just wanted to know if you can recommend any tutorial/setup/software for a newbie like me. i more-or-less don’t know anything, don’t have any MIDI hardware – or knowledge about it either. my production hardware’s my laptop. thanks.

  • Hey LewzScruz, there are a lot of options. I’ll contact you by email and give you some pointers.

  • thanks :)

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