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NuBi NuBi LE and Spinner LE updated

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NuBi NuBi LE v1.1.0
NuBi Spinner LE v1.0.0

NuBi has released NuBi LE v1.1.0 and Spinner LE v1.0.0.

NuBi LE is a a Drawbar Organ clone and Spinner LE is a two-band rotary chorus (“leslie simulation”).

Changes to NuBi LE

  • Added true tonewheel foldback (was frequency only previously)
  • Moved Perc Enable MIDI CC from #66 (sustain pedal) to #21
  • Added presets: “Acc Bass” and extra scratch pad (now 32 presets)

Visit the NuBi website for more information and a link to download the package containing both NuBi LE and Spinner LE.


NuBi LE updated to v1.8

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NuBi LE freeware drawbar organ VSTi

NuBi LE has been updated to version 1.8. NuBi LE is a freeware drawbar organ clone with pure-virtual tonewheels.

Updated v1.0 -> v1.8

  • Not responding properly to MIDI program change messages
  • Revise parameter setting code
  • Program changes not “completed” in hosts that issued AllNotesOff before issuing a program change message
  • “NuBiLE” reported as “ToneWhls”
  • Add OutTrim Config Item
  • Alternate MIDI channel input not handled correctly
  • Changes to Presets were not reflected when project was saved
  • The tuning CC (06) was being used improperly – it is now disabled
  • “ToneWhls” was displayed in the mixer – even for NuBi LE
  • revise GUI with new control elements
  • add CCMap.JPG to distribution ( MIDI CC# map over GUI image )
  • revise mix control for smoother transition to mid point

For more information and a link to download NuBi LE visit If you donate $22 or more you will receive the latest copy of Spinner (a two-band rotary chorus VST effect) for free.


NuBi LE freeware VSTi released

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NuBi LE freeware drawbar organ VSTi

NuBi LE, a freeware drawbar organ VSTi is now available from


  • 75-note range (standard 61 pitches + added low octave + 2 extra high notes)
  • 9 “standard” drawbars
  • 3 scale modes – includes legacy gear tuning
  • 2 independent percussion voices with 4 mode algorithms
  • Advanced algorithm, adjustable Key Click level on Attack and Release
  • Fully configurable vibrato/chorus
  • Zipper-less expression pedal support via MIDI CC# 11
  • Very low CPU usage

Check for a link to download NuBi LE.


B. Serrano releases Anubis

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B. Serrano Anubis

B. Serrano has announced the release of Anubis, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

Anubis features

  • 16-notes polyphonic.
  • 2 oscillators with X-Mod and Sync.
  • Randomizable ADSR.
  • Graphical modulation envelopes up to 32 stages.
  • 2 LFOs, host BPM syncable.
  • 1 multi-mode filter (same as Adonis 2), randomizable.
  • 7×7 modulation-matrix.
  • Vibrato, Tremolo (host BPM syncable), Delay and Chorus.
  • MIDI learn.
  • CPU friendly.

Anubis is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: B. Serrano


NuBi releases NxtPhase v1.0

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NuBi3 NxtPhase beta

NuBi has released NxtPhase v1.0, a freeware phaser VST plug-in effect for Windows.


  • Config 4-way switch: Mono, Mono to Stereo, 2 Channel Single phase LFO, 2 Channel Dual Phase LFO
  • LFO: Range, Speed, Shift, Depth
  • Phaser Stages: 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16
  • Feedback
  • Mix
  • Polarity switch
  • Out Level: -8 to +16 dB
  • MIDI CC Support

Visit for more information and a link to download NxtPhase v1.0.


Industrial Strength releases Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp

Industrial Strength Records has released Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Industrial Strength Massive Dubstep Nebulla Womp

Understanding the true need for certain sounds in Dubstep was essential when making this kind of pack so when we asked producer, remixer and sound designer Nebulla to share his slamming studio presets it was a no brainer for us.

Nebulla is also the owner of Code Of Arms Records in New York and is responsible for fusing Dubstep and hip hop with his Enter The Dubstep compilations for I Hip Hop which included remixes and new productions for the WuTang Clan and Brand Nubian. He also produced our Climb pack with Lenny Dee.

This perfect selection of presets contains womp sounds, wobbles, sub bass, climbs, falls, sweeps, synth bass, chainsaws and of course talking bass sounds all exclusively made for Dubstep’s number one weapon of choice Massive.

Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp features

  • 41 Dubstep patches.
  • 15 Climb effects patches, 5 Sweep effect patches (+24-bit audio files).
  • 7 Wobble kits for NI Kontakt.
  • 39 Various One Shot Wobbles (24-bit audio)

Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £16.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Massive Dubstep Nebulla Womp


Industrial Strength releases Climb sound fx pack

Industrial Strength Records Climb

Loopmasters has released Climb, a collection of sound effects by Lenny Dee and Nebulla.

Nebulla and Lenny Dee have remixed Wu-Tang Clan, Brand Nubian, Lord Jamar, Al Pancho, K Swift and Shiny Toy Guns as well as owning two New York City record labels Code of Arms and Industrial Strength respectively.

This unique sample and preset pack is jammed with climbs, falls, and a cool selection of short effects all of which are at 140 Bpm and keyed at middle C. Perfect for Dubstep, Hard Dance or any electronic music style.

Climb features

  • 118 Native Instruments Massive patches and 207 audio segments taken from the custom made Massive sounds.
  • Includes 12 One Hits, 5 Long Climbs, 10 Space Ship FX, 25 Falls, 71 Dubstep Climbs, 25 Rise and Falls, 52 Short Rise FX.
  • The 24 Bit 44.khz audio portion of this essential studio pack is in wav format and can be used in any DAW.

Climb is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Industrial Strength Climb