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NuBi LE updated to v1.8

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NuBi LE freeware drawbar organ VSTi

NuBi LE has been updated to version 1.8. NuBi LE is a freeware drawbar organ clone with pure-virtual tonewheels.

Updated v1.0 -> v1.8

  • Not responding properly to MIDI program change messages
  • Revise parameter setting code
  • Program changes not “completed” in hosts that issued AllNotesOff before issuing a program change message
  • “NuBiLE” reported as “ToneWhls”
  • Add OutTrim Config Item
  • Alternate MIDI channel input not handled correctly
  • Changes to Presets were not reflected when project was saved
  • The tuning CC (06) was being used improperly – it is now disabled
  • “ToneWhls” was displayed in the mixer – even for NuBi LE
  • revise GUI with new control elements
  • add CCMap.JPG to distribution ( MIDI CC# map over GUI image )
  • revise mix control for smoother transition to mid point

For more information and a link to download NuBi LE visit If you donate $22 or more you will receive the latest copy of Spinner (a two-band rotary chorus VST effect) for free.


NuBi Plus, VFX and Spinner now free

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NuBi Plus VSTi

NuBi has set the NuBi Plus package free.

It seems development of these plug-ins has stopped and they will be available for download until the NuBi3 web domain expires. (remind me to put up links to these nice plug-ins when it does)

The NuBi Plus package contains:

  • NuBi Plus, a drawbar organ VSTi like NuBi LE but with some extra features (I have no idea what exactly, but the GUI looks ultra sweet!).
  • Spinner, a two band rotary chorus effect
  • and VFX, a two-band “cross-over” VST effect plug-in with “valve” effects

These plug-ins are really nice, so if you appreciate them please let the author know and email him.

You can download the NuBi Plus package here.


NuBi NuBi LE and Spinner LE updated

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NuBi NuBi LE v1.1.0
NuBi Spinner LE v1.0.0

NuBi has released NuBi LE v1.1.0 and Spinner LE v1.0.0.

NuBi LE is a a Drawbar Organ clone and Spinner LE is a two-band rotary chorus (“leslie simulation”).

Changes to NuBi LE

  • Added true tonewheel foldback (was frequency only previously)
  • Moved Perc Enable MIDI CC from #66 (sustain pedal) to #21
  • Added presets: “Acc Bass” and extra scratch pad (now 32 presets)

Visit the NuBi website for more information and a link to download the package containing both NuBi LE and Spinner LE.


NuBi LE freeware VSTi released

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NuBi LE freeware drawbar organ VSTi

NuBi LE, a freeware drawbar organ VSTi is now available from


  • 75-note range (standard 61 pitches + added low octave + 2 extra high notes)
  • 9 “standard” drawbars
  • 3 scale modes – includes legacy gear tuning
  • 2 independent percussion voices with 4 mode algorithms
  • Advanced algorithm, adjustable Key Click level on Attack and Release
  • Fully configurable vibrato/chorus
  • Zipper-less expression pedal support via MIDI CC# 11
  • Very low CPU usage

Check for a link to download NuBi LE.


BetabugsAudio updates W1Limiter to v1.1

BetabugsAudio W1Limiter v1.1

The BetabugsAudio edition of George Yohng’s W1 takes the same spectacular limiting engine and gives it a new interface. The W1 interface follows the BetabugsAudio tradition of simplicity and elegance, while providing an inspiring appearance that matches the plug-in’s form to its function.

V1.1 fixes a reported bug where the plugin-in “doesn’t remember settings”.

Visit BetabugsAudio for more information and a link to download W1Limiter.


LUXONIX updates LFX-1310

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LUXONIX updates LFX-1310, the freeware VST/AU multi-fx.

LFX-1310 is a free plug-in multi-effector including 24 types of algorithm and 3 serial slots. This freeware is the stand-alone version of Effecting Module of Ravity(S) & Ravity(R). Every algorithm realizes the very effect you have on your mind, and is fully optimized for low CPU load.

New in v1.1.5

  • fixed : total recall problem with VST-RTAS Adapter

Check LUXONIX for more information and a link to download LFX-1310.

comment releases LiveSlice v1.2

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LiveSlice is a beat slicer (VSTi for windows only, OSX version is planned) that can do much more than just slice beats. You can load up to 64 wave files at a time, slice them up and combine the slices in the multitrack arranger.

With up to 256 slice on each loop liveslice is as much a granular synthesizer as a beat slicer. As you can also sequence notes you can do simple melodic arrangements too (bases and arps).
LiveSlice is available as a VSTi for windows only. An OSX version is planned.

new in v1.2

  • Clear button to clear arrangements and / or loops
  • trigger individual slices from arranger tracks – this means you can use all the parameters when midi triggering
  • configurable maximum attack and release times (up to 1 second)
  • Zoom by dragging in the slicer (hold down both mouse buttons)


  • When a file has been loaded, it is deselected in the browser so it can be reloaded
  • When you load only slices, the fileName is not changed
  • event durations visualized properly in the gui, when attack and release times are changed
  • track parameters are now redrawn properly on midi control changes
  • midi note off messages handled incorrectly in controllers – fixed
  • fixed problem with triggering and quantizing empty tracks
  • other fixes to secure even greater stability and compatibility

A demo and manual are available for download. Check the site for more information.