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Fretted Synth updates FreeAmp2 to v2.5

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FrettedSynth FreeAmp2

Fretted Synth has released version 2.5 of FreeAmp2, a freeware multi guitar amp-sim, with built-in guitar synth.

FrettedSynth writes:

Have had quite a few email requests for FreeAmp2, After three years of not playing FA2 I found it to be a quite different sounding amp from FA3. Much more color in its tone compared to FreeAmp3 but very useful. So I updated the plugin a bit and put it back on my site.

New in FreeAmp v2.5

  • Provided a much larger frequency range.
  • Added a three band parametric equalizer.
  • Added an output limiter.
  • Changed HP, LP in the synth to a Hi\Lo shelf Eq.
  • Some small changes.

Fretted Synth has also updated SoftDrum LTD, a instrument that features 12 drum-pads (using Soundfonts per drum-pad as its sample source) was also updated. The update provides a fix so it will trigger from Alesis pad to MIDI controllers.

Both plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows PC (VST).

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download FreeAmp2 and SoftDrum LTD.


FrettedSynth updates FreeAmp to v3.5

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FrettedSynth FreeAmp3

FrettedSynth has released version 3.5 of FreeAmp3, a freeware guitar amp VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v3.5

  • Limiter system implemented.
  • Tweaked control ranges and internal fixed values.
  • Some bugfixes.

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download FreeAmp3.


FrettedSynth updates FreeAmp to v3.1

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FrettedSynth FreeAmp3

FrettedSynth has released v3.1 of FreeAmp, the freeware guitar amp simulator effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v3.1

  • Fixed: speakers and output limiter, they now may be pushed quite hard without crackle.
  • Improved: Wah effect.
  • Many small tweaks internal and adjustments of control ranges.
  • All sleep bugs should now be fixed.
  • Small GUI change (little lighter).

Visit FrettedSynth to download FreeAmp3 v3.1.


FrettedSynth releases FreeAmp3

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FrettedSynth FreeAmp3

FrettedSynth has released FreeAmp3, a freeware virtual guitar setup plug-in for Windows PC.

FreeAmp3 features

  • 5 Clean amps.
  • 19 Drive amps, Provides clean/drive amp switching.
  • 5 Amp equalizers.
  • 2 Power amps.
  • 17 Speakers, including 4 bass cabs.
  • 3 Effect slots both pre (mono) and post (stereo) amp positions.
  • Noise gate and output Limiter.

FreeAmp3 comes in both an amp only version and a FX full version.

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download FreeAmp3.


FrettedSynth releases FreeAmp2

FrettedSynth FreeAmp2

FrettedSynth has released FreeAmp2, a virtual guitar setup plug-in.

FreeAmp2 includes Guitsyn, a built-in guitar synth. There are several amps types, EQs and speakers to choose from.

New in FreeAmp2

  • Complete new GUI by Rick Christy
  • Added Flanger
  • Added Guitsyn, a built-in guitar synth
  • Reduced CPU uses by another 30% compared to FreeAmpSE v1.5 for all amps, speakers, eq’s and overdrives
  • Tweaked overall tone

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download FreeAmp2.


FrettedSynth releases FreeAmpSE v1.5

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Fretted Synth FreeAmpSE v1.5

Fretted Synth has released FreeAmpSE v1.5.

New in Version 1.5

  • Reduced CPU use (still not a CPU lightweight, but should shut down less systems then v1.1)
  • New overall tone
  • Added host sync and tap tempo to the tremolo and delay
  • Added phase shifter
  • Added input\output meters
  • Reduced aliasing (using no over-sampling) Not gone! but harder to make it heard
  • Noise gate updated
  • Delay updated
  • Reverb updated
  • Cleaned up the GUI
  • 128 new presets (same crap names, plus 64 new crap names added)

Visit Fretted Synth for more information and a link to download FreeAmpSE v1.5.


FreePlayer Ltd. announces FreePlayer Pre-order

FreePlayer Pro

FreePlayer Ltd. has announced that FreePlayer is now available to pre-order.

FreePlayer, which allows guitarists to control effects by motion and touch, consists of a hardware attachment for the guitar and a software application that hosts VST plug-ins and controls MIDI devices. A Windows version is offered initially, with other operating systems to follow.

The first models to be made available are:

  • FreePlayer Pro for Les Paul guitars – pre-order price €299 (normal price €399) – contains a complete set of FreePlayer sensors in an ‘easy-fit-kit’ pickguard:
    • 38x48mm Touchpad (responds smoothly to a pick or a fingernail)
    • 3-Axis Motion Sensor (Responds to motion up to 3G – Shock-proof to 10,000G!)
    • Flexible Light Sensor (Detects light changes in 1000 smooth increments)
    • Tactile button array (Five buttons individually shaped for recognition by touch.
  • FreePlayer Express – pre-order price €149 (normal price €199) – a universal kit that attaches to most guitars or basses with a simple adhesive pad (included). With a 3-axis Motion Sensor and Tactile Button array, it’s all you need to get up and running!
  • FreePlayer Express Plus – pre-order price €199 (normal price €249) – all the benefits of FreePlayer Express, with an additional Flexible Light Sensor.

Each FreePlayer unit comes with a USB cable, the FreePlayer software, and is bundled with these VST plug-ins:

  • Saltline Audio Solutions: Bachelard, ‘Son of a Pitch’ and Cadence.
  • Voxengo: Voxengo Boogex.
  • MeldaProduction MFreeVSTBundle: includes MCompressor, MEqualiser, MPhaser, MRingModulator, MFlanger, MTremolo, MVibrato, and many others.
  • NDC’s Open source VST plugins: Fragmental, and the wonderfully named Reversinator.
  • FrettedSynthAudio: FreeAmp3.

Users will be able to download more VSTs and sounds from the FreePlayer SoundStore, including Saltline Audio Solution’s previously announced range of plug-ins developed specifically for FreePlayer.

Customers Pre-ordering FreePlayer between now and the product release (expected end of July) receive a discount of up to €100 – with deposit of just €50.

More information: FreePlayer