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David Ross VST plug-ins

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David E Ross DJEQ

David Ross has created a number of freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Unfortunately David does not currently have a website, so you can download the plug-ins from this page.

David Ross plug-ins

  • Peaking Filter Banks—resonating peaking filter banks
  • EQ10—10 band graphic equalizer (v1 + v2)
  • EQ18—18 band graphic equalizer (v1 + v2)
  • DJEQ—3 band DJ style EQ (v2 + v3)
  • HollyQ—two tone shelving equalizer
  • EQ3a—3 band parametric equalizer
  • Fazer—phase shifter
  • Notch Filter—high performance notch filter (v1 + v2)

Download all of them in one package below.

David Ross VST plug-insDownload size: 1.63 MB

Check earlier posts on David’s plug-ins for more information.


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