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Insert Piz Here updates Mr. Alias Pro to v2.25

Insert Piz here Mr. Alias Pro

Insert Piz Here has released version 2.25 of Mr. Alias Pro, a virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Mr. Alias 2 uses non-bandlimited oscillators which can be transposed near to and beyond the Nyquist frequency, causing most of their spectra to be aliased back into audible non-harmonic frequencies. The sound can then be further processed by a number of crude “effects.”

Changes in Mr. Alias Pro v2.25

  • Added Auto Randomizer (Parameters can be changed randomly every millisecond).
  • Now uses the latest version of JUCE for both Mac OS X and Windows (was only Windows before). This may fix problems with the AU version.

Mr. Alias Pro is available as donationware for Windows PC (VST).

More information: Insert Piz Here / Mr. Alias Pro

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