Jack Dark releases DarkWare and NOVUZEIT source files

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DarkWare/NOVUZEIT developer Jack Dark has released source files of his SynthEdit plug-ins.

Jack writes:

As a parting gift to the SynthEdit scene I have decided to release all of my DarkWare and NOVUZEIT .SE1 source files for free.

Jack decided to cease VST production a while ago.

You can download the archives in one single .ZIP file from Rapidshare.

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  • The DarkWare plug-ins are now hosted at Gersic.

    Check this page for more info and download links.

  • Darius Dank

    This guy never ceases to amaze me. His new EP is awesome, he even released that for free too: http://www.myspace.com/jackdarkmusic He’s nuts but God bless him for it.

  • senor frog

    Could some synthedit savy person compile and host the novezeit plugins?

    alternatively– if one already has the binaries that’s just as good.

    just rar em up and post a sendspace link in the comments.

    thank you.

  • You can find all the Darkware plug-ins at Gersic: http://www.gersic.com/plugins/hosted/darkware/darkware.html
    Don’t know about the Novuzeit ones…

  • Tom

    I have the Novuzeit ones, but Jack doesn’t want them hosted anywhere.

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