Jack Dark releases SYNTENDO


Jack Dark (NOVUZEIT/DarkWare) has released SYNTENDO, a freeware NES 2A03 APU sound chip simulation VSTi.


  • Square/Square/Triangle/Noise w/ ADSR
  • Master Pitch per channel
  • Frequency Sweeping per channel
  • Master On/Off + Volume control per channel
  • Pitch Modulation
  • Step Sequence Arp per channel
  • Quantization per channel
  • Downsample per channel
  • Micro-Burst-Feedback Delay/Distortion (just try the thing) per channel
  • Global Bit Reduction, Clipping & Volume Controle

There is no user manual included but each control is tool-tipped.

SYNTENDO comes with a bunch of presets and can be downloaded for free from jackdark.net.

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  • Dank Panties

    WOW!!! This thing is wayyyyyyyy better than Tweakbench’s Triforce! It’s wayyyyyy better than Magical 8bit Machine!


  • There are 2 patch sets available from jackdark.net.
    One set has classic NES sounds, the other has experimental sounds.

  • Updated to V1.1 on 6/29/6, better MIDI support, more NES-alike presets, GUI fixes, more .TXT stuff.

  • Sam32

    I have to say, it does sound like a Nintendo. JD’s a genius. :)

  • DJ3WAY

    WOW!!!! FL studio is now complete! Great job man!

  • Hey the download dont works…

  • Jack Dark doesn’t host his old plug-ins anymore since he stopped development.

    You can check Liquidclear’s archive here: http://liquidclear.net/darkware.html

    Or get the complete archives from the links in this FAQ: http://www.jackdark.net/FAQ.TXT

  • indigocat

    Both of those links are dead.

  • indigocat

    Thank you for that, it worked fine and I am looking forward to trying the synth.


    in which folder do i place this ??!?!?!?

  • Hi Brian, you need to use a VST host to load the Syntendo. If you are not familiar with VST, check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Studio_Technology
    Usually there would be a default VST plug-in folder on your system where you could add the Syntendo plug-in (.dll file).
    Note: Syntendo is Windows only, so it won’t work on a Mac.

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