Jayzen Sound releases Carvin Bass for GigaStudio

Jayzen Sound Carvin Bass

Jayzen Sound has released Carvin Bass, a virtual reproduction of a Carvin “Bunny Brunel” model Electric Bass.

Multiple samples of each note were recorded through a custom made pre-amp, then precision-edited and processed to create this design. It excels at creating authentic Jazz/Pop Bass lines and offers a wide selection of tones for composition and sound design.

Carvin Bass features

  • 224 MB file size – GigaStudio (.gig) format, 44/16 mono samples.
  • Complete range of 5-string electric bass notes.
  • 10 instrument patches using the Rhythm pick-up, and 10 more using the Lead.
  • Patches are set-up according to natural playing positions.
  • Separate patches for creating natural-sounding slides.
  • Full patch of chromatic string octave harmonics.
  • Bonus patch of interesting special effects and unusual string noises.

Carvin Bass is available as an instant download for $39.95 USD.

Visit Jayzen Sound for more information and audio demos.

Producers Choice
  • sldfkj

    ok, i pretty much detest most sample libs, especially guitar and bass ones, they’re usually poorly recorded, truncated samples with lots of super annoying fret buzz (vir2 acoustic legends guitars, for example, 20gb of useless fretnoise). but this sample set seems to be done right. i’m only judging from the demos, but the bass sounds great, really stands out, the samples are 44.1/16bit not the bloated useless 96/24 that does NOTHING extra except take up tons of disk space and suck up RAM like nobody’s business. the demos are also great, really featuring the bass, not drowning in some loud rock song where it’s barely discernable. and the bass sampled is a 5 string, so i don’t have to bitch about not having a low ‘D’ note sample. plus it’s a gig file so i can load it in my favorite ROMpler instead of using yet another proprietary crappy crippled interface, and it only costs $40.

    i wish these guys would do a drum sample lib, because all the current ones (DFHS, BFD, XLN, stormdrum) suck fcukingAss, and they suck it hard.

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