JC Productionz releases ProjectX1

JC Productionz ProjectX1

JC Productionz has released ProjectX1, a freeware hybrid bass synth utilizing subtractive, FM, phase distortion and unison synthesis.

It’s essentially a monophonic synth but has a pseudo stereo mode also and features 2 filters, 2 adsr’s, mod envelope generator, 2 modulation matrix’s with 24 possible destinations each and the source signals can also be inverted.
There’s two effects types which are an amp head which allows you to control gain, clip, speed, cap, bias, shape and mix and also a bit crusher with selectable modes of operation.
A unison oscillator has been added but the synth doesn’t operate in unison mode. Peak follow has been added and can grunge up the sound a bit more. Most of the knobs/sliders can be controlled via midi and there’s also dual waveshapers or assymetrical waveshaping for want of a better term.

ProjectX1 is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows. An additional 35 presets are available in the ProjectX1 Donation Pack.

Visit JC Productionz for more information.

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  • survei

    arg! It looks great, I think it would be excellent. Too bad it was made with SynthEdit.

    I get nasty glitches when I have multiple SynthEdit synths open, and when I say that I mean I could have ONE MinimogueVA open and ONE RichmanCM open and I get glitches. So this is different from the famed “multiples of the same” glitch.

    Interestingly, most of my synthy synths (as opposed to realistic VSTs) are made with SynthEdit so I’m trying to get myself psychologically ready to give up all my SynthEdit synths. And I’m looking for replacements. So I was excited when I saw this one but then I realized it’s made with SynthEdit and now I’m right back where I started. It’s pretty funny.

  • Hmmm… just tried a loop in FL Studio using SE plugins only: MinimogueVA, Richman2, Rticul8r, Erratic2 and Chimera

    No problems here on FL Studio 8… so what kind of glitches do you get?

  • survei

    The glitch I get is strange. Whenever I have more than one SynthEdit plugin open (even if they’re different plugins), every ten minutes or so I get a nasty audio stutter. Since the glitch is so random, it took me awhile to figure out what was causing that.

    All I know is that when I’m not using SynthEdit plugins, the glitch doesn’t occur, but if I open any two SynthEdit plugins, the glitch comes.

  • Cheddar man

    What are your buffer settings? Do you have any buffer under-runs listed under audio options?

    Does the CPU meter in FL, maxes out when the glitches occur?

  • survei

    @Chedder Man

    Yo, I appreciate the questions but this glitch is a little different than what you’re talking about. Still I’ll try to give as much information as possible.

    I have been aware of the buffer under-run thingy ever since the first time I booted up FL Studio and played the demo project. Fortunately I solved that problem a long time ago by switching my sound driver to “Asio4all”. When I’m composing, I often have my buffer settings set between 9ms and 12 ms, and when I’m mixing down I’ll sometimes turn the settings up to save CPU a little bit.

    What I’m referring to here, is a completely different glitch. This is a glitch that happens when I have two plugins that were made by SynthEdit loaded in my project. When I have two SynthEdit plugins loaded (for example ONE MinimogueVA and ONE RichmanCM), every 10 to 20 minutes or so, a big audio stutter occurs, randomly. The plugins don’t even have to be doing anything, they could just be sitting there while I’m tweaking my drums and the audio stutter still occurs. Needless to say, this glitch is not caused by CPU-heavy projects, that is a different issue.

    This only happens with SynthEdit plugins, and the audio stutter has a certain sound to it, it’s like a deep stutter, much different than the crackle of a buffer underrun.

    And these two words might explain it all: “dual core”. Yeah, I’m on a dual-core laptop.

  • I’m on a duo core Intel machine myself but I’m not using Asio4all. This type of “combination of things making the audio stutter” cases is hard to diagnose.

    FL+SE+Asio4all+dual core+? who knows… Problem is even if people’s setups look the same, there are always differences in hardware/software and even minor ones can trigger these issues.

  • Hi there,sounds like a ‘bizarre’ problem. Before releasing projectx1 I was testing in cubase sx 2.2 ,my cpu is a celeron dual core so I too get that dreaded ‘multiple instances’ crashing.

    As far as that problem goes I jus recommend u copy the projectx1(and any synthedit) .dll file a number of times for the amount of instances you need,not ideal i know but it works’.

    In winxp for use with audio appz its recommended that ‘processor scheduling’ be set to “Background services”. If that doesn’t work you could also set the options under ‘memory usage’ to ‘System cache’.

  • survei

    Hey, thank you Ronnie and Aaron for replying. I would like to note that my problem is different than the famous “multiple instances of the same” SynthEdit glitch. I’ve definitely had to deal with ways to workaround THAT glitch and I have figured it out. (I turn off multi-threaded processing for those plugs).

    THIS, however is a completely different glitch. For example I’ll have ONE AngstkillerMini open and ONE UgoRez open and the glitch will happen where every 10 to 20 minutes a massive, deep audio stutter occurs.

    I’m using Vista, and I’ve been trying to find different combinations of settings to stop the glitch from occuring. My process was this: change a setting, wait 15 minutes, see if the glitch happens, repeat. A few times I thought I solved the problem because the glitch is so random. I do know one thing, and that is that when I don’t use SynthEdit plugs, there’s no problem. It took me a long time to figure that out but I’m glad I did.

    There’s a lot of great plugins made on SynthEdit that I can’t use, unfortunately. But on the bright side, I figured this out before a lot of SynthEdit plugs got into my workflow.

  • Cheddar Man

    Hmmm…. FL Studio seems to have more problems with plugins than my other DAWS. Certain plugs would work perfectly fine in Cubase but would crash in FL.

    You also have to consider some of those SE plugs are older and was made with earlier versions of the program, ( pre-Vista!) which has had bug fixes since some of those plugs were released. Also, I doubt these plugins support multi-core processors?

    I tried Angstkiller in FL8, on a single-core using ASIO4ALL @ 10ms. It was fine playing bass lines but when I played chords with the same sound it got glitchy and would stutter.

    I increased the buffer to 12ms and things improved. I then increased the buffer to 14ms and things were even better. I went back down to 10ms and things got worse again.
    The problem was prominent with chords. The CPU also would spike when playing chords.

    Novakill plugins have always been cpu heavy in my experience.

    It could be that when using more than (2) cpu heavy SE plugs, the lower buffer settings won’t cut it. 20ms is probably a better starting point. I didn’t notice any significant latency at this setting. I believe it could be a buffer / Cpu… related issue. A number of SE plugs are cpu heavy.

  • Aaron

    In the past i have tried some SE synths in FL studio without any hassle(when i had single core cpu),but I noticed that in general FL studio can be a bit cpu hungry.

    U might find some answers in the forum at kvraudio.com

  • survei

    @Cheddar Man

    I appreciate what you’re saying but my problem might be little different because it doesn’t make a difference whether the SE plugins are playing notes, chords, or just sitting in my DAW. Even with maximum buffer settings, and minimal CPU usage, this “Random deep audio stutter” occurs every 10-20 minutes or so, whenever I have any 2 SynthEdit plugins open. For clarification, I want to note that this glitch happens whether the 2 plugins are the same plugin or different plugins. Of course, when there’s no sound coming out of my DAW the glitch doesn’t occur, as it seems to take a slice of the sound and stutter it.

    While it’s certainly true that pushing your computer hard with ANY plugins (SynthEdit or not) will cause buffer underruns, and every computer musician has to deal with this balance, my problem might be a different issue. Still, I’ll look into it and test out your suggestions one more time. Then I will try asking at KVR, and then I’ll be done. Either I’ll find a solution or I’ll be going without SynthEdit.

    Hopefully when SynthEdit gets around to fixing the “multicore + multiple instances of the same” crash, it will inadvertantly fix my problem too. Or maybe the glitch will randomly go away for some random reason. We’ll see.

  • survei

    -> I just had an idea… I could try turning on “use fixed size audio buffers” in the plugins’ options.

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