JoaChip TB4005 Bass synth

JoaChip TB4005 (no GUI)

JoaChip has a nice little bass synth called TB4005 up at Tokyo3.


  • 5 Waveforms (saw, square, triangle, sine1, sine2) with finetune control
  • Pulsewidth
  • Filter with cutoff (20Hz/22KHz) and resonance
  • Decay and length controls
  • Chord control (15 different chord settings, i.e. Major5-9)

This little plug-in sound quite nice. I loved the sound I got on a Sine with Chord Ma4-7-11. It seems to act a bit funny when playing notes which are 15+ notes apart though, might be a bug.

Check this page to download TB4005 and check some demo mp3s.

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