Kent Williams releases free Toy Piano sample pack

Schoenhut Toy Piano

Kent Williams has released a free pack of samples of a Toy Piano.

Kent writes:

I was at my brother’s house over the weekend and sampled his daughter’s toy piano with a Zoom H4. The instrument sampled was I believe the Schoenhut ‘Fancy Baby Grand‘.

The download contains the samples, a Kontakt3 instrument, and an Ableton Live Drum Rack instrument.

You can listen to an example of the samples here and download them here.

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  • TechLo

    Especially delightful is the background conversation happening between notes A#3 to C#4, lol. How about sustain loops next time in K3, Kent? :) Ha, I’m still enjoying your 727 sample set, so thanks for all these if you’re reading…

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  • NikosM

    Nice job mate! Cheers!

    • Brian Donaldson

      do you have this for kontakt cause his download isn’t working be very helpful and awesome brian donaldson

  • Brian Anthony Abraham Donaldso

    is it any way to email this file to my email be really helpful cause this is a great toy piano my friend uses one keep me inform brian donaldson peace to all

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