Klanglabs updates Sxratch to v2.0

Klanglabs Sxratch v2.0

Klanglabs has updated Sxratch to version 2.0.

Sxratch is a virtual scratcher featuring a filter section. You can set range points where you want to scratch and set the acceleration or torque of the scratcher.
New in v2.0

  • New skin
  • Wav loader
  • Scratching mouse response totally reworked
  • New sensivity controls for better accuracy
  • Pitch reset and rewind button
  • Added some filters

Visit Klanglabs for more information and a link to download Sxratch v2.0.

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  • v2.1 is out now:
    – Mute button: You can control sxratch muting using MIDI keyboard notes and also you can link this button to your hardware
    – Mute response: Negative, positive muting response
    – Hold response is smoother
    – Rewind button has new look
    – VSTi version added (useful in certain hosts)

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