Note: this post is from 2009, outbound links may be broken. releases Meowsynth

Related: , , , , Posted in news on Mar 11, 2009 - comment 1 comment Meowsynth releases Meowsynth (Russian), a freeware meowizer synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

Meowsynth features

  • 1x oscillator meowing with autofilter
  • Velocity sensitive
  • Mono- and polyphonic modes
  • Visual feedback
  • Internal chorus
  • Tempo synced vibrato with controlled attack

Moewsynth is available for download from

Rob Papen Blade
  • Francisco C

    Heh, heh, with this one, EVERY DAY would be Caturday… Certainly someone (not neccesarily a cat lover) would find an use for this synth. :D

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