Kong Audio releases BianZhong BZ Bells App for iPad

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Kong Audio has announced the release of BianZhong BZ Bells, a sample-based App for iPad capturing the captivating set of ancient Chinese bronze Chime-bells lost in time till a few decades ago.

Kong Audio BianZhong BZ Bells

The biggest bronze chime-bells set ever found in China, ZengHouYi’s (Marquis Yi) BianZhong (Chime-bells) has become a sensational Chinese national treasure since its excavation in 1978. Created about 2400 years ago, its unique oval design made each bell to have two tones. BianZhong Chime-bells were used for ritual and festival activities in the court of the feudal lords and kings during the Autumn and Spring/Warring States period (5th Century BC).

Sampled on-site at HuBei Chime-bells Orchestra, the serene and timeless sound of BZ Bells transports you right back to the Chinese palace at the beginning of the Chinese civilization.

BianZhong BZ Bells features

  • Sampled from the exact bronze replica of ZengHouYi BianZhong at HuBei Chime-bells Orchestra.
  • Switchable between playing three racks individually, or playing them all on one page.
  • User can reverse the order of each rack when each rack is played separately.

The app is available for purchase for $0.99 USD.

More information: Kong Audio / BianZhong BZ Bells

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