Krakli releases S3O and S3Ks

Krakli S3O / S3Ks

Krakli has released S3O and S3Ks, two VST instruments for Windows PC.

S3O is largely the same as CMorg that was previously only available in Computer Music magazine but it does have a few new wrinkles, namely:

  • A choice of waveforms for the upper drawbar rank.
  • A VCF with attack decay and sustain controls.
  • The addition of a phazor (from the S3).
  • 64 presets.

S3Ks is identical sonically to S3K but has a step sequencer added at the bottom with a piano-roll step entry method and a series of sliders controlling velocity and gate-length.

S3O and S3Ks are available as donationware.

Visit Krakli for more information.

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  • Al

    I always wanted to tell you: the descriptions for the navigational links for next/previous post are swapped, if you see it chronological. If you see it just as a list, running from newest to oldest, it is right, but i think it’s strange. Or is this mode of counting usual for blogs?

  • Hi Al, thanks for pointing this out. I always find these things a bit confusing as well, perhaps because it’s not entirely clear what previous and next means in this context.

    When reading a book, flipping to the next page means turning the right page over and continue on the top left of that page (in most parts of the world anyway). The next page would be a “new” page to you, since you have not read it before.

    However, in the case of blogs you will usually see the most recent (new) posts on the homepage, and older posts on the next pages.

    Since the blog homepage is kind of similar to the first page of a book, I believe previous links should work their way to this homepage, hence previous means “more recent” in this context.

    Perhaps I should consider replacing “previous” and “next” with “more recent” and “older”…

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