KVR Developer Challenge: Tons of free goodies!

KVR Developer Challenge 2006 logo

The first KVR Developer Challenge has ended (or at least for the developers), resulting in a massive amount of freeware plug-in goodness.

A stunning total of 32 plug-ins were entered into the contest including entries by well known developers like Tweakbench, Majken, Mdsp @ Smartelectronix and Bram Bos.

Members of the KVR forum now have the opportunity to vote for their favorite plug-ins, ultimately deciding who will take home the grand prize (currently $1374).

You can find all the entries on the KVR Developer Challenge page. I will be sure to cover a number of these plug-ins on this website as well in the next few days.

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • If you’re looking for the 32rd entry, it’s here!
    (just kidding, there are actually 31 entries instead of 32. My mistake!)

  • The votes have been counted and the top 3 winners are:

    1. Triple Cheese by U-he
    2. Anna by Stefancrs
    3. Fire by Mdsp @ Smartelectronix

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