L-Day releases YONU60 v1.0

L-Day YONU60

L-Day has released YONU60, a freeware polyphonic monosynth resembling the Roland Juno-60 (no exact emulation).

YONU60 features

  • 1 DCO, with LFO and PWM + 1 SUB, sub/noise
  • LFO, rate and delay time
  • ADSR envelope
  • HPF/VCF filters, envelope, LFO and keyboard controls
  • Chorus effect
  • Unison mode
  • Arpeggio, up/down and rate
  • Pitch bend and Octave control
  • Mono/Poly option

Visit L-Day for more information.

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  • beatman

    This site has ADWARE that always slides over the plugins!!
    I downloaded a plug in the past…but, haven’t since, because
    of the ADWARE problem. Although, it has a close box…I just close the page all together. I don’t mess with those types of sites.The author, needs a site like rekkerd…to host his plugs without risking the safety of peoples computers.

    Again, BE AWARE of the aggressive ADWARE on this page!!!

  • beatman

    Disable,JavaScripting to get rid of the Ads if you want to actually download anything!

  • If you’re on firefox I’d recommend using NoScript which blocks this type of stuff unless you allow it.

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