Leslie Sanford releases Sanford Arpeggiator

Leslie Sanford Arpeggiator

Leslie Sanford has released Sanford Arpeggiator, a versatile and powerful arpeggiator for Windows.

It can create everything from simple to complex patterns. It’s a MIDI VSTi plugin meant to drive other VSTi plugins. Connect the Sanford Arpeggiator to your favorite synth, and a new set of possibilities open up.

Sanford Arpeggiator features

  • A wide selection of patterns.
  • Intuitive note parameters for determining note length with triplet and dotted note variations.
  • Versatile transpose section for controlling how patterns are repeated and transposed.
  • Up to two lines of parallel harmony.
  • Adjustable shuffle for adding swing.
  • Synchronizes to host or runs in free-running mode.
  • MIDI Learn for every parameter.
  • All parameters can be automated.

Sanford Arpeggiator is available for download for $25 USD. A demo version is available for download from the product page.

Visit Leslie Sanford for more information and some audio clips.

  • b001

    And there is a good reason for that. He was stuck on the concept, then there was this: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=253925 .
    And now he’s proud to introduce it for $25.
    Nice , I say. Particalarly the engeniring which is particularly ‘personnal’.