Letchik Leha: photography by a commercial pilot


On the website of Letchik Leha (Letchik is Russian for the pilot) you’ll find some wonderful pictures of the sky, images, landscapes, airports and aircraft.

The Selenga river photographed by Letchik LehaThe Selenga river photographed by Letchik Leha

If you can read Russian you can also check Letchik Leha’s LiveJournal.

  • http://www.douglas-air.com Rob Douglas

    Great photos !

    Is there a link to his email anywhere?

  • http://rekkerd.org ronnie

    I don’t think he has it on his site, but if you have a livejournal account you could send him a message here: http://letchikleha.livejournal.com/profile

  • http://rekkerd.org ronnie

    Btw, great images on your website as well Rob!

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