Line Rider (beta) by *fsk

Line Rider (beta) by *fsk

Line Rider is an extremely addictive, extremely clever little bit of flash created by *fsk for illustration class.

Its not a game, its a toy. What i mean is there are no goals to archive and there is no score.

The idea is quite simple:

  1. draw a sloped line
  2. click play
  3. watch a funny animation of the line ride sledding down the line

Check out YouTube to get an idea of the possibilities!

  • Jarrid Fat Hargreves

    omg omg omg omg omg i love this game cause ima freak.

  • 36

    omg noob

  • ash n amb

    hiya ash nd amber here luffin this game 54 efa an alwayysss!!!¬ xxxXxXxXxx *A*_*A*

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