Liquidclear releases Transilient VST

Liquidclear Transilient VST

Liquidclear has released Transilient, a versatile FSU/Glitch type multi-effect unit designed to make strange and unusual new sounds.

Transilient features

  • 5 effects: Ring Mod, Granulator, Filter, Delay and Pan
  • 2 16 step sequencers to modulate the effects
  • modulation by LFO, wavefile and/or manual
  • modulators can be synced to your host’s tempo
  • 16 presets are included to get you started

Transilient is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Liquidclear

  • loops

    Great plug-in for crazy fx. Here’s a loop on FXpansion’s Orca.

  • Frankie

    it’s not available for download!
    the site doesn’t even redirect, it’s gone!!
    can someone please upload it so i can download please!!!

  • ronnie
  • Frankie

    oh my gauddddd. thank you ronnie! quick reply too. i appreciate it man

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