LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.100

LiquidSonics Reverberate

LiquidSonics has released version 1.100 of Reverberate, a pair of stereo zero-latency convolution processors coupled with modulating post-effects for a richer, more dynamic convolution reverb.

Changes in Reverberate to v1.100

  • Manual updated.
  • Fixed file pairing mode bug when using parallel stereo mode.
  • Increased the IR limit to 2 minutes at 44.1k and 1 minute at 88k to accommodate very long IR files in response to user testing.
  • Added an option to ignore the global wet solo override mode (useful for using Reverberate as a send effect most of the time and choosing a specific instance to use as an insert on an individual basis). Setting is saved with the patch.
  • Added a topology control to enable (i) pre-convolution mono mixdown feeding a stereo convolution, (ii) parallel stereo and (iii) true stereo modes for both IR1/IR2 containers. This enables IR modulation in all 3 topology modes (it was previously not possible to modulate two true stereo IRs) and improves compatability with hard panned left/right audio sources.
  • The IR1 and IR2 containers now provide the option to load two stereo impulse responses for use in true stereo mode (termed IR1-A/IR1-B and IR2-A/IR2-B) for a total of 4 concurrent stereo convolution channels.
  • Introduced an IR reverse control to enable reversed reverb effects.
  • Changed IR1-to-IR2 and IR2-to-IR1 buttons to provide more detailed copy and reset functionality.
  • Added IR delete buttons to unload the currently loaded IR.
  • Settings moved on to a new ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Added an option to choose between factory defaults, empty, or user selected initial presets for new instances.
  • Added an auto-pairing option for automatically seeking pairs of true stereo IRs when matching a naming convention (L/R., Left/Right.). This is the default behaviour on installation.
  • Added critical sections around parameter change notification to mitigate against a rare ‘missed’ IR update change bug.

Reverberate is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC for £30 GBP (~$50 USD). A 30-day demo version is available for download from the product page.

More information: LiquidSonics / Reverberate

  • rumba_codex

    I’ve been following the updates since it’s release and I like what these guys are doing.

    This is basically a solid and reliable convolution reverb which doesn’t cost a fortune. Worth checking out. It sounds very clean and doesn’t make huge demands on CPU.

  • Cheddar Man

    Thanks! I’ll give her a try!

  • Reverberate v1.101 is out:

    – Modified the behaviour when encountering missing files to inform the user which file is missing and to ask if they want to begin searching for files. The directories of all missing files are now stored, so if any future missing files need a file from any previously manually specified directory they are only asked for it once.
    – Fixed a memory leak during the recomputation of IR settings.

  • rumba_codex

    I asked the developer a few Qs about the design and plans for the product.

    His focus is a good one – efficiency first, above all. That means a revised / skinable GUI (which would be nice to see at some stage) won’t be happening until the engine is just right.

    Convolution is not easy to implement well and the VST spec doesn’t make life any easier – this I remember from some discussions about SIR a few years ago.

    Thus far I’m impressed. For you sound design people out there, I reckon this guy is onto a winner.

  • j .e.

    i was very impressed and thankful for other plug in(dsk brass, and ethnic) the sounds are rich and the plug in gives you alot of control