Loopbased launches professional Online Mastering service

Loopbased Online Mastering

Loopbased has announced the launch of its professional Online Mastering service.

We all know the situation. You’ve just finished your next hit but the mixdown still sounds a bit flat and is clearly missing the proper loudness and dynamics.

Since we already provide everything you need to get started, inspired and to create a great-sounding track we figured it is only logical to offer a solution to give your songs the finishing touch.

With the Loopbased Online Mastering service we are catering to dance music producers and labels looking for that professional treatment and the clean, full and warm sound for an insanely low price.

Loopbased Online Mastering

  • “Mastering Single” – perfect for one or more songs
  • “Mastering EP” – a discounted package for 5 songs
  • “Mastering Album” – a discounted package for 12 songs

Prices for the online mastering service start at 12 EUR per song.

More information: Loopbased

Producers Choice
  • Chad Kroeger

    They probably push it hard through limiter and call it a day.

  • Not according to the info on the site:

    * Harmonic Balancing
    * Corrective Equalization
    * Mastering Reverb
    * Multiband Compression & Dynamics
    * Phase Correction
    * Stereo Imaging
    * Loudness Maximizing


  • JJ

    Haha, I think Chad is right or they probably have Izotope Ozone presets.
    Nobody can do the mastering for 12€ per song, atleast if they have slightest amount of skill and selfrespect and they are proud of their work.. IMHO.

  • @JJ, these assumptions are based on pricing? Did you read the info Loopbased provides?

    They can charge whatever they want, this has nothing to do with the quality or whatever.

  • JJ

    Hi Ronnie, well I have to say that their demo clip was like nothing to write home about. I think 12€ is actually too much.. :)
    But seriously speaking there should be a better demo, and it would be good if there´s a second clip with equal RMS-levels so that a client actually hear the differencies other than just louder sound (which is always better sounding than lower level audio).

  • Carlyle

    Mastering reverb in EDM? Um. Might give it a shot though at that price.

  • Reverb in the mastering process is in this times no rarity, specially if the tracks needs more ambiences or more “air” in the highend.

    But currently there are so many online masterings platforms out, hard to choice which making her job really good and which not, and there is the price in the end only secondary, better paying 40€ instead of 20€ if the track is really good mastered.

  • I’ve been mastering a lot of tracks for my friends recently, and they all really liked my work – so I thought I could help others out too. I just set up a mastering website, and my rates are very reasonable – starting at $15/song!

    Check it out: http://www.PaulLoebMastering.com

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