Lost Technology

Lost Technology is a free VST plug-in for Windows PC by Johan Sarge.

Johan Sarge Lost Technology

Lost Technology transforms sounds by taking them apart and then putting them together in a different way. The Analyzer components split the input signals into amplitude, frequency and waveform (harmonic content) sub-signals. The Modulator components combine sub-signals (and audio signals) in various ways. The Synthesizer components merge one sub-signal of each type into a new audio signal.

Lost Technology and Refuzznik — a sinusoidal distortion plugin, are available to download as freeware. Formats available include binaries and source code.

Note: these plug-ins are NOT new. Since Johan’s website was about to disappear from the internet I decided to create a copy of his pages and downloads so you can still enjoy these fine plug-ins.

More information: Lost Technology

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  • blortblort

    Thanks for keeping these alive!!!
    (if you haven’t tried LT, be prepared for an audio kaliedescope ;)

  • Tomaz

    Yes m8:) Thank you very much for keeping it alive!! Nice and unique plugs, eeeyee Liiiikeee!!!
    Greets to you and all FreeWares DieHard Freeqz!!!

  • sub

    lost technology looks interesting but where is the download link?

  • @Sub, the download link is here: http://rekkerd.org/ce00423/ce00423.htm#download

  • sub

    thanks ronnie got it now. can’t get it to work tho. run-time error in cubase :(

  • Niklas

    Having the same problem. Runtime error in Cubase forcing a re-start.

  • does this work in logic? never heard of it before, but taking a sound apart seem pretty badass

    • The binary (.dll) is VST for Windows only. The C++ source is included and could possibly be compiled for Mac but it’s not readily available.

  • Kamilion

    Where is the download link on THIS page?

  • L.O.N.E.R.

    Thank you Johan Sarge for your work in these plugins!
    Thank you Ronnie and Rekkerd dot org for sharing links to these plugins!

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