Lowcoders updates KingDubby AU to v1.5.2

Lowcoders KingDubby Dub Tape Delay

Lowcoders has released version 1.5.2 of KingDubby, a free dub tape delay Audio Unit plug-in, developed by lowcoders and bitplant.

Just a month after the first beta version of Kingdubby, we are happy to release the stable version 1.5.2 Universal Binary. Thanks to all the people who have donated to support the development of the plug-in!

Fixes in KingDubby v1.5.2

  • Tooltip display glitch for MacOS X v 10.4.11 users.
  • Incorrect version numbering: kingdubby would report its version as 1.5.3.

A small introduction guide is also available.

Visit Lowcoders for more information.

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  • joker

    y0! d3wd! therz somethin wrong wit the app! first, it’s ext is missnamed, it obviously should be .DLL, and when i put it in c:\program files\steinburg\vstplugins it duzn’t get like acknowledgd by my squencer. damn! don’t you do some QA on this stuff b4 u releese it?


  • Lucky Mac peepz! Why don’t we PC users get any good tape delay plug-ins… oh wait…
    Well, you can never have enough delay plug-ins so I wouldn’t mind a PC VST version ^_^

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