LSR Audio releases WARMultipress, TUBEnhance & COMPrime + LSR Vintage Pack

LSR Audio has announced the release of three effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

LSR Audio WARMultipressLSR Audio’s vintage compressor and tube drive effect plugins are now available.

LSR Audio plugins

  • WARMultipress – Multiband (3 bands) tube compressor with audio tape emulation. Price $129 USD.
  • TUBEnhance – Vintage dual band tube driver with with adjustable cross-over frequency. Price $49 USD.
  • COMPrime – Vintage tube channel compressor for natural progressive compression. Price $59 USD.

The plug-ins are now available to purchase as effect plugins for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS). The LSR Vintage Pack bundles all three at $189 USD (20% off individual prices).

More information: LSR Audio

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  • COMPrime was updated to v1.1:
    – New low cut filter.
    – New output peak display in addition to existing gain reduction display.
    – Optimized meter.
    – Enhanced compression algorithm.

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