Luftrum 9 for Diva & Reason Ambient Bundle Giveaway

I am pleased to announced that Søren Hybel aka Luftrum is offering readers a chance to win some of his most excellent soundsets.

I recently reviewed the Luftrum 9 soundset for Diva, which impressed me greatly.


For those who are unfamiliar with Luftrum:

I am Luftrum. Sound designer, field recordist and electronic experimentalist. I have created presets for synthesizers by Steinberg, Roland, Moog, Camel Audio, Propellerheads, Xils Lab and U-He to mention a few.

I work freelance for audio companies besides releasing my own soundbanks.
I worked with Camel Audio on the Luftrum:Ambient soundbank for Alchemy containing 150 ambient presets. I also worked for Steinberg on their Zero Gravity expansion for Padshop Pro. Ambient pads and sounds are my trademark.

You now have a chance to win a copy of the Diva soundbank, or a Reason Ambient Bundle.

Luftrum 9 for Diva / Reason Ambient Bundle

Luftrum Giveaway

  • 1 x Luftrum 9 for DIVA
    64 presets ranging from smooth ambient pads to gentle arpeggios, berlin school sequences and synth emulations inspired by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Royksopp and Jean Michel Jarre.
  • 1 x Reason Ambient Bundle, which includes:
    • Luftrum 1 – 66 Ambient patches for Thor with 10 Signature patches by Deepspace.
    • Luftrum 2 – 69 Ambient pads, soundscapes & drones for Thor.
    • Luftrum 3 – 95 Dr.Rex loops (318 MB) + 45 Ambient pads for Thor. Old movie conversation, soundscapes and drones, field recordings etc.
    • Luftrum 5 – ISHQ Signature Soundbank + 64 Ambient pads for Combinator and Thor, including standalone wav and rx2 files of the ISHQ soundbank.

For a chance to win, simply leave a reply on this post and tell us whether you would want the Diva soundset or Reason bundle. For each, a lucky winner will be chosen at random from all replies.

Dec 26th – Luftrum has just doubled up the prizes. There are 2 Diva soundsets and 2 Reason bundles to be won so we’ll pick 4 lucky winners in a few days!

The giveaway ends December 31st, 2012, 11.59pm CET. The winners will be announced shortly after. Good luck!

More information: Luftrum

  • Hi, I would like the DIVA one! :)

  • Steve

    I’d love to get the Diva soundset.

  • I would like the Reason bundle.

  • 3ee

    I would also like the Diva sound set. :)

  • Gavish

    Can I have the Diva soundset.please.

  • I would love the Diva soundset to finish off the sequel to the Drive soundtrack!

  • alan stuart

    Reason bundle!

  • eTc

    Diva soundset would be great, thanx ;)

  • Reason Bundle

  • Diva Luftrum would do wonders – and I believe in wonders. Merry Christmas :-)

  • The Reason bundle :)

  • DaveC

    Guess the first try didn’t work last night, so here’s lucky #2! The Diva soundset would be grand! :)

  • The Reason bundle :P

  • nned to cop that loftrum

  • Hey Luftrum, Reason Bundle would be a perfect gift, keep up the good Work and Happy Holidays!!

  • Reason Bundle, please..:)

  • Mag

    Le Reason bundle!! :)

  • This is great. Would love the Reason bundle

  • chuckerii

    Would love the Reason bundle. Always looking for subtle and interesting ways to add depth and style to a mix. Ambiance!

  • I’m a Reason guy! One day I’ll get Diva but I work mostly in Reason as it is. :)

  • kikki

    Reason please :)

  • neil morris

    Reason is the one for me :)

  • Reason Bundle for me!

  • voltron902

    I’d really like the Reason bundle!

  • VitD

    I would like the Diva set because Diva only eats the finest of foods. Luftrum is a topchef of wonderful Patchbank delights!

  • Oooh yes please! Reason bundle

  • Pier

    Diva is the best! Real analogue core into a software synth. Luftrum presets and packages are a must have for every musician

  • Richard Bleakley

    I would love the reason bundle :)

  • Christian Roth

    oh yes nice, the ambient bundle for reason please :)

  • The Reason Bundle would make my year complete!

  • Evan

    Id love the diva set

  • The Reason bundle would be fantastic!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Howard Jones

    The Reason bundle would be great! I’ve already bought the excellent Luftrum for Diva. Thanks!

  • Reason Person

    Reason Bundle

  • Greg Hobgood

    Reason set please!

  • Stephen Donohue

    The Diva soundset does sound impressive… I would like to go for that!

  • Drew Mills

    I would love to have the Reason bundle!

  • lot of love for the diva soundest demo – it’d be brilliant to get if for free

  • I’m definitely interested in the Reason bundle ! Keep up your great work !

  • Luftrum Diva please to go ith my ulufttrum Alchemy :)

  • Luftrum Diva please to go ith my ulufttrum Alchemy :)

  • Diva, Diva, Diva! :D
    This soundbank sound awesome!

  • I would definitely use those Reason kits/patches thanks :D

  • Enrico

    My Reason rack longs for Luftrum. Shall we? Let’s. Please and thanks.

  • Chris Streutker

    I would like to win Luftrum 9 for Diva.

  • Marcos Bacon

    That would be nice. I’m in.

  • Daniel

    I would like to enter for the Diva set.

    While listening to the demo, big smile across my face when the “Man In The Mirror” intro sound came up! :)

  • Reason Bundle sounds sweet!

  • b4rth

    Diva soundset would be awesome!

  • solidtrax

    Next-gen Luftrum soundset for Next-gen synth DIVA, would be a killer combo!

  • Ron Chilton


  • lolamala


  • Antal Nusselder

    The DIVA soundset would be a great way to start the new year!

  • satYatunes

    I would like DIVA set.

  • Diva sound set

  • Diva here! Thanks for the chance.

  • Luftrum

    Still a few days left and I am doubling up the prizes on offer, so it’s now 2 x Luftrum 9 for DIVA and 2 x Reason Ambient Bundles!

  • I’d like to win the Diva soundset because, even though Diva sounds so awesome, only the craftmanship of who knows what to do can get the best of it

  • I’d like to win the Diva soundset because, even though Diva sounds so awesome, only the craftmanship of who knows what to do can get the best of it

  • Richard Patterson

    I too would like the Diva sound set…

  • Wonderful offer Diva for me please …

  • Yes Please!

  • jdoolitt

    Most excellent

  • Jeff Navarro

    Great!! I love the Diva VST, so that’s the prize I’d like. Thanks, Luftrum!

  • fpele

    Very good! Ive found Diva for a few days and I love this plugin. Thanks.

  • Art

    Diva only, Please.

  • whet

    Luftdrum 9 is definitly the best set for diva ive heard so far.

    • bas7ard1z3r

      it really does man! …good shit

  • bas7ard1z3r

    luftrum9 IS the mutherfuckin future. recognize and accept.

  • Nice! Thanks for this opportunity!
    I’d like to win the Diva soundset :)

  • C.Bennett

    I’d love the Diva soundset. Thanks!

  • Reason would be amazing.

  • And the winners are… Howard Jones and Matnids (Reason Ambient Bundle), and Pier and Steve (Luftrum 9 for Diva).

    Congrats, and thanks to all for taking part in this giveaway!

  • And the winners are… Howard Jones and Matnids (Reason Ambient Bundle), and Pier and Steve (Luftrum 9 for Diva).

    Congrats, and thanks to all for taking part in this giveaway!

    • Howard Jones

      What a great late Christmas present! I already own several other luftrum products, all of them are superb. Thanks rekkerd and luftrum :) cheers !