LVC-Audio Giveaway – Win one of 5 effect plugins

LVC-Audio is offering readers a chance to win 1 of 5 free copies of any of its paid effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

LVC-Audio ClipShifter

ClipShifter 2 is a wave-shaping audio plugin that functions like a clipping-style limiter.

It provides enough user controls to be useful in all mixing stages: from distorting basses and drums, to maximizing mix buses and warming-up overall mixes.

The sonic characteristics of the clipping distortion can be altered from hard, brickwall-style clipping, to softer saturation with compression.

LVC-Audio Transector

Transector is an aggressive transient-designing audio plugin, used to attenuate various transient qualities of an audio signal.

Use it to boost the initial attack of various instruments, such as adding more crack to a snare or kick drum. Simultaneously, you can use Transector to alter the decaying portion of audio.

This is useful in many situations, such as decreasing the decay of a vocal track, or reducing to amount of room ambiance in drum tracking.

LVC-Audio HotPhuzz

HotPhuzz is a saturation designer plugin.

It is a creative tool that specializes in the creation of distinct saturation tones. HotPhuzz uses a multiband distortion process to create vintage, modern, and unique saturation effects.

Although HotPhuzz can be pushed into over distortion, it excels at creating more moderate saturation sounds. You can call the sounds whatever terms you like, but it still sounds good.

LVC-Audio PreAMPed

PreAMPed is an audio plugin that recreates many of the qualities of analog preamplifiers.

This includes subtle EQ response curves, low- and high- frequency saturation, differences between left and right signals, crosstalk, noise, transformer/coil impulse response, and saturation and EQ changes due to gain changes.

LVC-Audio TonedPLUS

TonedPLUS is a specialized tone shaping plugin with selectable analog modeling.

Expanding on the concept of the free plugin Toned, TonedPLUS is designed primarily for use in the mastering process or on two-track audio busses.

TonedPLUS uses two distinct equalization processes: a three-band tone-shaping matrix, and a specially designed high pass (HP) filter.

For a change to win one of these plug-ins, simply leave a comment below and tell us which plug-in you would like to win.

The deadline for entering the giveaway is October 31st, 2014, 12.00pm. The winners will be chosen randomly and notified shortly after.

Good luck!

More information: LVC-Audio

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  • DoctorBob

    Hi, what a great offer guys. If I got chosen I would like to have the TonedPlus plugin. I can see that this would help me a lot on my master chain … it’s about getting those subtle last minute tones just right.

  • leaving a comment here for; Transector

  • Chris

    I would have to go for Transector, I feel that it would be very useful for managing room sounds and decays on my home recordings, particularly on drums tracks.

  • Alavux

    i already own transector version from Computer Music magazine , and tonedplus sounds intresting that will be nice addition to the transector and the chain that i use in mixing.

  • Marcus

    I would like to try the PreAMPed plug. Just curious to hear the emulation of a preamp.

  • electricthing

    Hotphuzz is hot stuff

  • Marius Costache

    The fuzzy Hotphuzz!

  • Armadillo

    These plugins all look great,PreAMPed would be nice to have. I’ll definitely be checking them all out.

  • Oleg T.

    It will be great to check all the plugins but firstly ClipShifter 2 – ))

  • Diego

    PreAMPed would be awesome :) tnx

  • MrVision

    I’d be amped to have “PreAMPed”, please. Good luck everyone!

  • Johan

    Transector would be a welcom addition for adding details to my beats!

  • Anatolyj_B

    I did not try LVC plugs before. Well maybe Transector ?

  • Antal Nusselder

    PreAMPed looks nice! I’d love to win it ;)

  • Vito

    Hotphuzz rocks man!kom

  • Alexander von Soos

    I have all the others so TonedPLUS for me please!

  • Babis Trihos

    ClipShifter 2 would be great, please.

  • voltron902

    I’d like to have PreAMPed.

  • Jim Jon

    Thanks for VST3 support!

  • Transector would be nice! Thanks a lot!

  • Adam Szymaszczyk

    Hi! Transector would be the best; Thanks!

  • AZUHAX23

    I’d love the TonedPLUS 1.0 coz It looks like it’s got it all… Looks quite nice too.

  • Zippolisko

    PreAMPed looks sick :) I want it now.

  • PACStudio

    ClipShifter 2 is a one-of-a-kind limiter with peculiar wave-shaping capabilities. Useful in many occasions!

  • Nick J. Ash

    Transector is a tool I’d like to use on my ‘live’ sessions. Seems to be very useful and versatile, across the many mics being mixed down to two tracks.

  • Edward Ten Eyck

    Transector looks interesting!

  • Rick Hiir

    All the LVC Effects plugins look great! Transector and HotPhuzz would work best for me!

  • Kris Keyser

    these all look really cool but the one i think it’d get the most use out of is Transector

  • phil_wc

    May I have one :)

  • Erick Gustianto

    Clipshifter 2 would be awesome

  • Kakaxa

    Clipshifter interested

  • str

    Obligatory comment: Transector. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Serge Gora

    Foncez; c’est de la balle !!!..

  • Lars Pohlmann

    HotPhuzz, please. Thank you!

  • Adam Douglas

    HotPhuzz sounds great, thanks!

  • HotPhuzz!

  • Stephen Donohue

    I would be keen to hear preAMPed on my drum buss.

  • Phil

    I’d like to win preAMPed!

  • Niedec

    I’d love to have PreAMPed. It looks awesome! All are pretty good, though.

  • TorVic

    TonedPlus is a superb plugin to produce superb sound!

  • Shane Hull

    HotPhuzz would be awesome, I really like saturation and drive plugins to give a less-dry texture to synths.

  • Hi!
    TonedPLUS will be nice!

  • PreAmped would be nice to have

  • Crystal Craft

    HotPhuzz would be great :)

  • Tom Clark

    PreAmped is a brilliant concept, brilliantly executed!

  • Mikolaj

    Hello! HotPhuzz definitely for me ;)

  • J.Zealous

    Hi, TonedPLUS looks amazing, would be very useful on a bus master, to enhance and tone the sound of chained instruments. Thanks!

  • Stah

    Transector looks like something I would use a lot.

  • Michał Prochownik

    Thanks for this idea. Transector would be the best

  • Alessandro Alcinesio

    Great! TonedPLUS would be my choice! Thanks

  • Mixwell

    awesome. would love to have TonedPlus

  • dan

    PreAMPed sounds really good. Thanks rekkerd and LVC Audio for this giveaway.

  • Vanessa Olivia

    PreAMPed please. :)

  • Mr T

    Yes please, your plugins look great….

  • Valence Jordan

    HotPhuzz looks like my speed… HotPhuzz for me please!

  • Kantate Richard Haus

    PREAMPED ! very interesting specialized stuff You have there!

  • Dave

    I’m with Valence. HotPhuzz is something i’d like to try. I think every track should have something making it ruff’d up. But not a lot of it. just a little ruff on on otherwise clean tones. that is what I like. I think it makes stuff bigger. Hey, what do I know… but I don’t want distortion. And i don’t think you can have too many of these different Ruff algorithms. Compressors – sheesh I have a million. Only really need 3. But super mild distortion I think is the sound of this age.

  • Finnbogi Ragnar Ragnarsson

    They all seem very interesting.

  • Kikuc Michal

    Nice! HotPhuzz for me :)

  • Robert DeNeefe

    PreAMPed would be excellent. Thanks!

  • aaron bergman

    TonedPLUS looks like what I need.

  • Ameyah

    HotPhuzz i would like to win.

  • DarylJonesy

    PreAMPed looks great, thanks!

  • Javier Villarroel

    I would love to win the TRANSECTOR plugin. :)

  • Transector please.. :)

  • Animus Invidious

    i love the free version of Toned, so TonedPLUS would be swell

  • Michael Soares

    HotPhuzz Please!

  • Prabhath

    TonedPLUS would be swell

  • JimLimProject

    I want to try the Transector on vocals!

  • Drew Alec

    PreAMPed sounds excellent to me!

  • farsight

    I have been eyeing Transector for a long time now!
    Thanks and good luck guys!

  • U-o

    All these plugins are great. It’s hard to choose only one… HotPhuzz???

  • al

    clipshifter would be great. have a task for it already

  • I’ve tried TonedPLUS with very good results and would like a copy if chosen.

  • quincy


  • maro

    I would like to win TonedPLUS!

  • Hidekin


  • Sonic Cervantes

    TransectoRRRR :-*

  • Keith Bunardy

    please let me win the transectorr!! :)

  • Max Sokoleski

    transector please

  • Loki

    I’ve got some peaks waiting for transection. Would like to have Transector for that.

  • Aditya Pratama Suwanto

    I use a lot free clipshifter, and very very pleased with this clipper. I would luckiest person to get full version of clipshifter :)

  • Tursiopsis

    I have trancector Cm, its good and id like to have something more)

  • And the winners are… Sonic Cervantes, str, U-o, Alexander von Soos, and Tom Clark!
    You’ll receive an email about your prize shortly.
    Thanks all for playing and see you next time.


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