Mainroom Warehouse releases House Of EDM & Progressive Trance for Zebra

House Of EDM & Progressive Trance

Mainroom Warehouse has announced the release of House Of EDM & Progressive Trance, a soundset featuring 128 patches for the Zebra software synthesizer by u-he.

This is a diverse EDM sound set aimed at genres such as House, Tech-House, Progressive House, Progressve Trance, Trance & Dance.

These sounds will give you fresh ideas and sounds for your next masterpiece.

House Of EDM & Progressive Trance features

  • 128 Patches for u-he Zebra (v2.6).
  • 40 Basses.
  • 48 Leads.
  • 32 Plucks.
  • 8 Pads.
  • Patches In .H2P (Zebra 2’s Native Format).

The soundset is available to purchase at Producer Loops for £14.95 GBP.

More information: House Of EDM & Progressive Trance

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  • Stefan Neumann

    The theme from the beginning of the demo: I’ve heard it before! Does someone know where it’s from?

    • Stefan Neumann

      Heard it on the radio by chance: Martin Garrix ‘Animals’

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