MakeMusic releases Finale NotePad 2008

MakeMusic Finale Notepad

MakeMusic has released Finale NotePad 2008, a freeware music notation application for Windows and Mac.

New in NotePad 2008

  • Full compatibility with Finale 2008 and PrintMusic 2008.
  • Vista compatible.
  • Import and export MIDI files.
  • MIDI input and output – enter notes in step-time using a MIDI keyboard and play back your compositions through an external MIDI device.
  • Streamlined user interface and more.

Visit MakeMusic for more information.

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    why is “silly” on my 2008 application for notepad added to risk info when i am in college studies to place my work on notepad for a required class?

    • Bishopclaudiahumphrey

      there is so much on claudia humphrey including an obituary page, however if you look further you will find a web site , you tube, my space, and twitter, that is not the same claudia humphrey is it?
      check the dates what is past and current.

  • Kaity

    when ever i link to the website for the 2008 version i can only get 2009.
    i do not want the 2009 version, i need the 08 version

  • Finale 2009 is the latest version. I don’t think you can still get 2008 from the website, but perhaps you can find it in a regular music store. You could maybe check with one of their dealers or contact their support.

  • Kristen

    this is awsum

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