Marcus Clef releases Unify


Marcus Clef has released Unify, a hardknee compressor made with Synthedit.

Marcus Clef Unify VST

Unify includes a 6 bands post-compression coloration tool which acts like an EQ but on fixed frequencies with limited gain range. The Vu-meter is still under construction but is fully functional. It will probably be updated soon.

You can download Unify from Rapidshare.

Update 24-04-2007: Unify can now be downloaded from (download size: 1.45MB)

If you have any feedback you can contact Marcus at: rimshot1 AT hotmail DOT com

Marcus Clef Unify Downloads: 6859 times

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I was taken back by the fact it was mono untill I remembered a little trick of assigning in1 to out1 and in2 to out2 having 2 of them running was less CPU then some of the others.