Mason Software releases Dammit Distortion

Mason Software Dammit Distortion

Mason Software has released Dammit Distortion, a guitar distortion VST-plugin for Windows PC.

It is only intended for heavy metal sounds and specifically tries to recreate the quite legendary guitar sound on Metallicas black album.

Dammit Distortion features

  • No external hardware/preamp required. Just plug guitar in and rock!
  • Simple user interface, 3 sliders only. In most cases the defualt setting sounds great.
  • No need for additional equalizing/processing. Dammit does it all!

Dammit is a very complex product, being the result of many years of development. It filters the input sound in over 30 stages and thus is quite CPU-intensive. Minimum hardware requiered is 1GHz AMD Athlon XP or similar.

Dammit Distortion is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC and costs $30 USD. A demo version is available for download (beeps every 10 seconds).

Visit Mason Software for more information.

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  • fotost

    No way to purchase the plugin on the Mason Software homepage or to download the full version…..

  • You can purchase the full version by installing the demo. When loading the demo version there’s a “register” button on the GUI which brings up a PayPal payment button.

    I haven’t bought it so I don’t know if that all works well and it seems a bit cumbersome but if you’re really wanting this thing that’s what you could do…

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