Maxthon2 offically released (v2.0.2.2961)


Yesterday Maxthon2 was offically released (v2.0.2.2961). Maxthon (formerly MyIE2) is a pretty cool web browser featuring tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, a built-in RSS feed reader, Ad Hunter (somewhat like AdBlock for Firefox) and much more.

Check this page for more features.

Maxthon2 Setup Center screenshotMaxthon2 Setup Center screenshot

New in Maxthon2

New Skinning System, Maxthon 2.0 has a much refined, and one of the most sophisticated skinning systems. Just take a look at the dozens of beautiful 2.0 skins available in the Maxthon Resources Center.

Highly Customizable Interface, Few applications have interface as customizable as Maxthon 2.0, not to mention that without manually editing configuration files, installing extensions, or hacking the executable. Creating a highly personalized interface in Maxthon 2.0 can be as simple as holding a button and a few mouse drags.

Ads and Annoyances Blocking, In addition to the good old content filter, which has also been improved to support regular expression, Maxthon 2.0 supports sophisticated text filter, which was previously available only in advanced and dedicated applications like proxomitron and privoxy. With text filter, Maxthon 2.0 can not only block any ad or unwanted content, also also block any annoying or malicious code.

Maxthon Smart Acceleration, By utilizing the internet cache more smartly, Maxthon 2.0 can considerably improve the ordinary browsing speed. Speed improvement will be especially noticeable for users having slow connection or browsing sites with slow connection.

Advanced Proxy, Proxies are often necessary for speed, accessibility or annoymity. But no single proxy serves all purposes, so Maxthon 2.0 enables the use of different proxies for different sites automatically. Setting a site to automatically use or not use a proxy can be as simple as a few mouse clicks

Multi-Users Support, Maxthon 2.0 supports both Windows user account and custom Maxthon User Profile. The password protected Maxthon User profile can protect user privacy without compromising portability. Both Maxthon 2.0 and Maxthon User Profiles can be carried in portable devices and used in any compatible windows system.

CPU Saving Mode Option, Turn off media playback and other CPU intensive activities in the background tabs to enable much smoother browsing in the active tab. Activities turned off will be resumed when the background tab is activated.

Multi-Thread UI Technology, A technology which can greatly reduces the occurrence of browser lock up and crash due to various web page issues.

Online Favorites, Users can use the same favorites and groups in any computer, eg. home, work, internet cafe, without using portable devices or 3rd-party web services.

Magic Fill, Advanced form filling function comparable to dedicated commercial form filling tools. Save filled forms for auto filling, and fill forms with multiple preset general profiles.

Flash Back and Forward, Maxthon 2.0 supports near instant back and forward function, and it does not consume several dozen MBs extra memory for holding the viewed pages.

Trusted Website Check, Address Bar will show the Trusted icon and its background will turn green when trusted/genuine website is visited. Help you secure your online transcations.

Security Updates, Extra defence against malicious codes, which can mitigate the risk of most upatched IE vulnerabilities which may affect Maxthon.

Visit the Maxthon website for more information and a link to download the latest version of Maxthon2.