mda-vst goes open source

mda DX-10

Paul from mda-vst@smartelectronix has released the source code of his VST plug-ins.

Paul writes:

As I don’t have time to maintain or develop the “mda” freeware plug-ins any more, but I don’t want them to die when 32-bit VST 2.x plug-ins are finally obsolete, I have released the source code.

mda-vst has released many freeware plug-ins over the years, including the mda JX-10, DX-10, Piano and ePiano instruments and a host of effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

The source code is are licensed under a MIT/GNU license and can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Visit the mda-vst site for more information on the individual plug-ins.

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  • has released native 64-bit Windows ports and recompiled 32-bit versions.

    64-bit (7-Zip, 1.91 MB)
    64-bit (Standard Zip, 3.00 MB)
    32-bit (7-Zip, 1.93 MB)
    32-bit (Standard Zip, 3.08 MB)

  • Updates are available from sourceforge

    – some minor issues fixed (another mdaDetune bug fixed, mdaDubDelay ID repaired – read the changelog at sourceforge for more infos)
    – added/updated mdaEnvelope (now 38 plugins all together)
    – added OSX/gcc build target
    – new 32-bit binaries for Windows, Linux and OSX

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