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Media Convert lets you convert your media files to host of formats.

You can convert text, archive, movie, image and sound files up to 50 Mb in size.

Anybody tried this? Looks quite useful when being restricted to a machine that doesn’t have any converter utilities installed.

  • Daniel

    I was using media-convert right up until the beginning of 2010 : successfully 100% of the time – however, since that time, media-convert stalls when I activate the conversion of my digital camera *.mov files to the Windows Movie Maker-friendly *.avi format.
    it said,

    ‘target server not responding, trying again in a few moments’

    or something like that. I’ve waited for 2 or 3 retries on a number of occasions and it HASN’T WORKED IN MONTHS : it used to be fantastically reliable with good encoding quality (a number of others I’ve since tried have converted the file but MSWMM hasn’t let me open them due to encoding complications the conversion site can’t seem to work out)

    there is a different one I found which works, but I’ve since bought Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 (which can convert media outputs) because I was sick of MSWMM no longer working properly.

    It’d be great if it worked again, but I haven’t got a successful conversion from them in months – not one.

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