Meesha Damatriks free virtual modular synthesizer for Windows

Meesha has released Damatriks, a free modular synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Damatriks is a “classic” modular synthesizer system VST plugin, inspired by the modular analog synths.

With many different modules in place, endless creativity is guaranteed. These modules can be patched using a CV (control voltage) matrix module, creating complex CV patches.

Meesha DatmatriksDamatriks virtual modular synthesizer built with SynthEdit (Windows VST only).

Datmatriks features

  • Many different modules: MIDI/cv, vco type 1 (2), vco type 2, vco link (sync/Xmod), mixer (with noise gen), envelope type 1 (2), vca type 1, filter type 1, filter type 2, delay, phaser, clock (with multiplier), stepsequencer, lfo type 1, lfo type 2, s/h, cv mixer, cv matrix 9->14, output.
  • Endless patch possibilities.
  • Great analoge sound and feel.
  • Double rack space.
  • Audio path is hard wired.
  • Monophonic.

The plug-in is a free download (Windows VST).

More information: Meesha / Damatriks

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I believe the name is Damatriks. oh well. :)


Thanks, fixed!

Chad Kroeger Jr.
Chad Kroeger Jr.

Plugins like these give Synthedit a bad rep. He didn’t even bother to change default gfx (except that one knob x100), why should we bother to use it. Yes, it’s free, but it’s still too expensive.

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