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MHC adds Attack Kits to Drums Plugin Bundle

MHC Attack Kits

MHC has released “Attack Kits” for its Drum Plugin Bundle, a collection of drum plug-ins for Windows PC.

Our drum plugin bundle now includes 4 drum plugins, 12 (!) soundpacks and a stand-alone sample search application. There are thousands of drum samples, hundreds of kits and 4096 presets.

Drums Plugin Bundle features

  • 4 drum plug-ins with synth functions, such as filters, envelopes, effects etc.
  • 480 kits, thousands of samples and 4000+ presets.
  • Ordinary .wav files which you may use in your sampler.
  • A drum search application.

The The Drum Plugin Bundle, including the Ambient Kits, Acoustic Kits, Electronic Kits and Attack Kits, is available for Windows for $99 USD.

Visit MHC for more information and audio demos.

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